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Questioning it all?













Stop it!

Shall we?

Dance it!


Have you ever lost hope in dance?

Questioned yourself?

Could not find any answers?

And questioned others?


Haven’t you ever failed?

Have you ever considered quitting? 

Dancing? Teaching?

Understanding? Managing?

Economies? Politics? 


Have you ever stopped?

Stopped it all?


And danced - just danced the dance…

… in order to continue to


share the dance

dance the sharing

talk the dance

sing the dance


cook the dance

dance the cooking

burn the dance

dance the burning


weep the dance

sweep the dance

write the dance

dance the writing


break the dance

slow the dance

catch the dance


let the dance?


We have!

And we have been gathering comrades since then.

Not too far away from presenting our 3rd troop

Almost there to declare the upcoming agenda and the ephemeral manifesto .


Come along to let the dance do all the questioning for you! 

Believe it or not, the world needs more dancers and peaceful minds!

Or not? Let’s dance and figure out!


Defne Erdur

İstanbul, April 2015