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Hello… What are you doing here?

in lieu of transparency, approaching the 2019 IDOCDE symposium

Dear member of the IDOCDE Community,

As you might have learned already, we’ve decided to publish –– with the greatest pleasure –– the list of confirmed keynote speakers and practitioners who will participate at the upcoming IDOCDE symposium. (see below) The list is incomplete, as we’re still waiting for the results of the symposium call* to come in. One of the reasons we’ve decided to share the list even though it’s incomplete is because we’d otherwise feel like we’re keeping this information away from you. And why would anyone in their right mind withhold information, right?

Keynote speakers and practitioners (list prone to change, in shape and size):
Glenna Batson
Nita Little
Carol Brown
Thomas Kampe
Charles Koroneho
Oğuz Erdur
Kerstin Kussmaul



Truth be told, we’re –– whilst not necessarily behind schedule, then definitely –– following a timeline that is radically unlike any previous symposium-preparation timeline. In other words, we’re following a timeline we’re nowhere near used to. (By we I mean Team IDOCDE.)

Information reveals itself as available for sharing at a pace we’re not familiar with, and obstacles arise when we least expect them. One of the consequences of being at the mercy of a process –– I suppose this would be as appropriate a term as any other for what we’re experiencing –– is that we’re often finding ourselves way ahead of schedule and far behind it, at the same time.

Deadlines, set by institutional parameters, I am personally finding extremely awe inspiring, and the only thing I can do is nothing more than: admire them. From a distance. Whether that distance puts me ahead or behind most often does not matter.

What matter is in, in its own right.

The distance.


                I am not where the deadline is.


* Speaking of deadlines: the application deadline is APRIL 8; if you’re reading this at the beginning of April; apply, apply, apply!

What has been revealed recently is another piece of information we’re so very proud to be able to share. Namely, that the symposium residencies will be hosted by Nita Little and Charles Koroneho. Over the years, Nita’s support of the IDOCDE project probably manifested in as many ways as there were formats tested. Charles Koroneho, in comparison, is coming to participate at the symposium for the first time –– and all the way from New Zealand, at that.

Both Nita and Charles are experienced moderators, pedagogues, hosts, and artists with decades of practice in their experiential pockets. We are honoured and delighted they took it upon themselves to host the IDOCDE residencies, which will take place during the week leading up to the symposium.

As soon as Nita and Charles decide how to frame their respective residencies, we’ll share this information with you. Please stay touch with and IDOCDE’s Facebook page.


In conclusion,

Thank you for keeping in touch with IDOCDE as time passes and our organisation goes through its year/s of change. The structural reorganisation we’ve anticipated in previous years is underway. It will take us some time to settle into a new rhythm, into a new pace, into our new positions. If settling is what’s going to happen. If steady rhythm and pace is going to manifest. After all, who knows what the future brings, right?

With love and devotion,
pavleheidler for Team IDOCDE