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More videos please!


at the recent IDOCDE mentors meeting in Budapest we discussed the possibilities of video as a documentary mode. We recognise that video documentation, especially class documentation, is a potent modality for sharing our practice as dance teachers and is under-represented on the iDOCDE web site. We would like to encourage MORE USE OF VIDEO ON THE SITE

This may be partly due to the complexity, time and money costs, technical knowledge and wide range of approaches and issues that working with video incurs. Below you'll find featured idocs that use video to document teaching practice on the IDOCDE web site in different ways that could serve as inspiration.

 It may also be partly due to the difficulties of uploading video to the IDOCDE web site until now. So we have made some changes to make it easier.

We imagine that besides creating new content many of you may have already existing video content. By making the upload process easier we encourage you to share your existing content through IDOCDE.


We wanted to let you know that we are working to resolve the difficulties that some of you have reported about uploading videos to the IDOCDE web site. We have a long-term solution in sight and until that is implemented we offer this temporary solution.

Upload to your videos to Youtube (or VIMEO) which automatically converts your video into the correct formats (many video editing programmes like iMovie allow you to directly upload to Youtube). We will then take the converted video files from Youtube and place them on our site.

Practically it works like this:

1. upload your finished video to Youtube and make a note of the link (it should look something like this -

 2. create an iDoc for your video, give it a title and write a summary, THEN paste the Youtube link into the "Content : main text" part of the iDoc

 3. send the Youtube link and iDoc title to John Taylor <> who will take the Youtube file and place it into your iDoc - we are working on creating a system that will bring the Youtube generated files onto the IDOCDE web site automatically in the future

 4. you can still upload videos yourself as before. There is the option of using the free video converters to get your video into the .flv format like

Malcolm Manning