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Hello… What are you doing here?

Her sweet boredom…

In South of France, in the mountains, as she is just moving to collect mushrooms and thyme or prepare pizza dough she is totally “bored” with pleasure.

Alva Noe, is talking about the place of this boredom in and around learning. Actually there was not much time for that during the meetings before his speech. Activity after activity planned and executed in ImPulsTanz headquarters, that very first weekend of August.

Embodying a different time and different presence among sheppards and hunters. Learning without extra effort to learn. She is just following the masters. She has only one will - to be there and inhabit this time and space with these people. And they all agree, in the language that she does not speak nor understand; she is a very good student. How did she become a student? They were treating her as if she knew everything and trusting her their oven, trusting her to find her own way in the forest. “Equality was their starting point rather than a destination.”[1] She learned…

Sabina Holzer already recited Ranciere in Vienna, before Noe traveled over the mountains of Vienna as Anouk Llauren’s was sharing her visions in multi-layered learning environment created around documentation. Some were so confused and banged their heads on the mirror at the entrance of Arsenal. And so, the shape of their visual field was documented.

If you are confused so, don’t you worry! We are all being confused once in awhile. Aren’t we Nita Little – our dearest panel moderator? Misunderstandings, misperceptions, misinterpretations, mistakes of any kind are welcomed in this Flee Market for Education, as long as we keep being curious, open and seek pleasure. You learn what you need and can also teach what you want in this world.

This is just a map of parallel universes and you shall find your way on the cyber space documentations, i.e. 2nd IDOCDE Symposium Folder. And if you wish to join in to accumulate some knowledge with us join the forum and also visit Martin Streit’s video sessions.

With delight and digestion of not only the goat cheese and red wine but also the sweet tastes of the reminiscences of Viennese Symposium Cuisine, she kept falling a sleep under the olive trees.

Melitta’s morning boosters –with our quotations on dance and life- woke the dancers up, energizing them for the curious teaching sessions where they could fall back into the depths of their existence via biomechanical principles of movement placed within myofascial theory and practice or visit other bodies’ existence in Ryuzo Fukuhara’s scores. Yet some longed for more technique and jumped into Partnering Beyond Genres as she was dreaming herself in a playground of somatic costumes, as her head was a huge balloon full of questions from the Helena Hrotko and Eva Karczag’s teaching lab.

She woke herself up; cause she was talking as she was moving in multiple bodies.  She walked down the mountain to the river. When she was resting, a salamander visited her. Words that did not belong to her started to pour into her mind and body. As she started rewriting distance, children and elders were dancing in the next village.

Yet, in the multi cultural village of IDOCDE, Sanne Clifford and Elina Ikonen & Pia Lindy were calling for various collaborations. Pavle Heidler insisted in a solo seminar whereas LEAP teachers agreed to present their Teaching Residency collaborations in playful ways. Even colleagues from BATES were collaborating with IDOCDE teachers thanks to Marlon Barrios Solano’s online streaming. Ideas for future collaborations are all up in the sky…

All seen, heard and shared! Have you missed them? Did not see even the creative response performances of all the idocdeistas?! Don’t you worry! We (84 participants of the 2nd IDOCDE Symposium – teach me (not)! are here in our virtual library to document it all for you. Words, images, voices can be all found in the highlighted lines above and more so in the Symposium Folder.

Then and there she finished writing as she was listening to Frank Zappa and started cleaning the knives of Frank Toscano.

Zappa said; “If you want to get laid, go to college. If you want an education, go to the library.”  So she followed in her line of being; “If you want to get laid go to college. If you want an education, go to IDOCDE. If you want a further education, LEAP to IDOCDE and teach around Europe. If you do not want any of those, go to IDOCDE. Just go to IDOCDE. And maybe to South of France if you want to get a taste of the educating boredom of simplicity of living.”


Defne Erdur  August 15th, 2014

Bouyon - France


PS: Most of the links above temporarily link to proposition files of the Symposium lecturers/presenters. Few of them link to the video and reflection documents. All will be updated as soon as the documentation files are completed. However you can always visit back the Symposium Folder to check the latest documentations on the 2nd IDOCDE Symposium. Thank you.





[1] Rancière in The Ignorant Schoolmaster – Five Lessons in Intellectual Emancipation