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Symposium Preparations Under Way


as you are probably well aware by now – the preparations for the 4th IDOCDE Symposium are under way. The Project Team met to study received proposals at the ImPulsTanz offices during the weekend of 4th, 5th and 6th of March. Our aim then was to single out proposals that were thought to best represent, embody or respond to the coming Symposium’s interests described in the recently closed Call for Proposal.

What followed and/or follows the initial selection process is something I would call “the unofficial second part of the selection process”. This is when the Project Team gets in contact with all applicants, and feedback is exchanged. During this brief but considerate negotiation administrative or other restrictions are worked around, minor compromises articulated, and last decisions made. The final outcome of this “dance” will be articulated as the Program of the 4th IDOCDE Symposium. You can expect to read the Program on this website as early as early May!

Many other factors exercise influence on the making of the Symposium’s program. The most decisive of them is, naturally, the response to the Call for Proposals. This response is materialised in all the proposals that the Project Team has been honoured to read through. Thank you all who thought, wrote, and expressed interest in the Symposium by submitting a proposal! The second most decisive factor are all restrictions of organisational nature, or restrictions that are placed before everyone by given facilities. Such are the space, and the time available, and technical abilities and possibilities.

All that said, the Project Team has been looking forward to bringing you diversity; not only in terms of the topics presented, but also in terms of methodologies and means of communication employed at the coming Symposium. The Project Team is working towards offering you content that will add to the discourse, but also challenge our understanding of it.

Parallel to organising the Symposium's content, the Team has been working towards organising the Symposium administratively. The priority in that regard is the articulation of Rules and Regulations for proper Registration. This year a number of different options will be available for you to choose from, with a number of different benefits assigned to each option. For example, special prices will apply to those who process their registration before June 1 (look for: early birds). Special prices will also apply to groups that number a minimum of 4 students (look for: study groups).

The complete list of specified options will be published on this website no later than 31st of March.

I invite you to read through the list carefully, in search of an option that will best suit you and your circumstances! And please, don't hold back from contacting members of the Project Team directly, in case anything is left unclear or in case you are in need of more information.

All that said, the Project Team is looking forward to sharing more with you as soon as the information is available for sharing! Please check in with the IDOCDE website for updates, definitions, instructions, etc. regarding the IDOCDE Symposium of 2016!

Till then, with love and devotion

March 2016