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the 9th IDOCDE symposium postcard

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Food For The Day
How is creativity developing in Nanjing, China?
By Tanja Ruta Grgić
Tanz oder gar nicht ?
By Dieter Rehberg
what dances and agencies are triggered by these terms?
By Sabina Holzer

Featured IDOCs
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[deu] Making Sense through Sensation
Reflektion über einen Workshop zu Dokumentation als Teil künstlerischer Praxis/ Forschung
By Andrea Keiz    2020.07.10    0    1757

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Thinking Bodies in Dance. A somatic R.E.A.Ch.
introduction to a Ph.D. in intermedial and somatic dance practices.
By Klaas freek Devos    2021.02.16    0    923

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Dancing To Silence: Becoming 'Ear-Body'
Dance and music commonly come hand in hand, but many professional dancers prefer dancing to silence. Why is that?
By Ira Ferris    2021.02.16    0    816


9th IDOCDE symposium


practical and tactical applications in taking care of mortal dancing

July 26 - August 1, 2021: IDOCDE residency + symposium,

online and offline

“Why is measure of love loss?” writes Jeanette Winterson in Written on the Body. Reversing Winterson’s equation, we ask: “Why is the measure of loss love?”

The 2021 IDOCDE symposium is imagined as a celebration of everything, including loss + love, that has helped us continue practicing dancing since the onset of the global pandemic.

the call for contributions to the symposium and the application to the residency, including the detailed descriptions of the symposium and residency formats will be released soon!

Mind the Dance

MIND THE DANCE is a collection of essays, manuals, scores, exercises, and maps; giving voice to a multitude of stances, ideas, and applications in and around documenting movement. It aims to motivate and empower the reader-teacher-artist to use creative documenting to enhance their teaching and artistic practice.

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the 9th IDOCDE symposium PROMO
you can download the IDOCDE symposium postcard here and share it at will.
By [Multiple Creators]    2021.06.29    0    69

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#bestpracticesincontemporarydance - Hybrid doc
Digital dance practice developed between Jorge Guevara (Colombian based in Brussels. BE) - Naoto Hieda (Japanese based in Cologne. DE) After a year of the research / practice / enthusiasm...
By Jorge Guevara Larrotta    2021.05.10    1    103

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Sense-making unfolded
This essay appeared in TQW Magazine on 24th November, 2018. I write about my experience of Meg Stuart's and Tim Etchell's piece 'Shown and Told'. It is a description of my sense-making proce...
By Christina Regorosa Eligible Member    2021.03.17    0    411