I Can Not Not Move. Can You?

 “Am I a mover?  … Does it matter? … I am not moving. … Does it matter? Now… Breath. … I come back… I can not not move! Can you? … Whatever you call yourself: a dancer, teacher, artist, student, performer, cultural worker … let’s shake off the ashes and come together!” To read in between these lines find our latest editorial by Defne Erdur – sieving the “Politics” into the politics of daily dancing and being. More to share during our 5th Symposium in 2 weeks!

Food For The Day
How to document movement intentionality?
By bertha bermudez
Documentation is the art to get clear
By Martin Streit
Does this document refer to the past, or head to the future?
By Sabina Holzer

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The Human Movement Alphabet
The Human Movement Alphabet proposes a universal writing system for describing, documenting, evaluating and composing the movement patterns and possibilities of the human body. By default, t...
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Spinning with partner is absolutely a great opportunity to discover about the reflexes and behaviours of the shallow ME while communicating! Constantly contacting our partner in different fo...
By Ziya Azazi    2017.05.10    0    297

Symposium Selection Contemporary dance practitioners, dance and movement educators, researchers, theoreticians and all other practitioners contributing to our field we made it! Here is our program for the 5th IDOCDE Symposium full of moving, reflecting, and experimenting together… Let’s Mind the Dance!

Mind the Dance

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Fascia as Metaphor and Narrator - Glossary of Terms
This glossary is for my article Fascia as Metaphor and Narrator in Mind The Dance (see mindthedance.com, to be published July 28th, 2017). In this article I use fascia as a metaphor, and as...
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Program & Schedule 2017
Please find attached the Program and Schedule of "Why Compromise. Mind The Dance" - Vienna Symposium 2017"
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