The September Issue


This is the first Editorial written in the aftermath of the 7th IDOCDE symposium Tracing Forwards –––––––– intersecting (somatic) legacies and future (art) practices. Some thank yous are in order. Following, team IDOCDE is saying goodbye to a core team member, saying hello to core team member, and reporting on an overall restructuring of the core team. In closing, read the overdue specification for the symposium* raffle: your chance to win a MIKME easy-to-use BLUETOOTH microphone.

*eligible for the raffle are all those who attended the 7th IDOCDE symposium.


I hope this September finds you well,
pavleheidler for Team IDOCDE

Food For The Day
How to materialise a visual experience ?
By Anouk LLaurens
What is more worthwhile: the document i created or the act of documenting?
By Barbara Meneses Gutierrez
imagine 12 peoples on a green sofa
By Andrea Keiz

Featured IDOCs
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My glossary of personal terminology
A personal glossary created during Mind The dance residence in Vienna, July 2018, inspired by "Glossary of personal Terminology" by Bertha Bermudez Pascual / Mind The Dance publication
By [Multiple Creators]    2018.07.27    1    2329

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Questions which arrised during the MTD Residency BODIES AS R...
During the 3 days of our residency we created questions from our writings, embodyments and dancings.
By [Multiple Creators]    2018.07.30    0    1926

Mind the Dance

MIND THE DANCE is a collection of essays, manuals, scores, exercises, and maps; giving voice to a multitude of stances, ideas, and applications in and around documenting movement. It aims to motivate and empower the reader-teacher-artist to use creative documenting to enhance their teaching and artistic practice.

Latest IDOCs
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Unfolding ECITE 2019 - Flow of Events
This document is a subjective account of the flow of events during ECITE 2019 prepared by Defne Erdur who was invited to support the organization with reflective documentation practices. The...
By Defne Erdur Eligible Member    2019.10.23    0    143

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Dreaming and Daydreaming ECITE 2019 : Organization, Facilita...
This document is Defne Erdur's subjective account of the preparation of the ground and the framework of ECITE 2019 realized by the organization, facilitation and documentation teams in close...
By Defne Erdur Eligible Member    2019.10.23    0    139

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Individual Research Questions - ECITE 2019
This is the list of individual questions that ECITE 2019 Participants started the meeting with. They were collected on a big piece of paper and revisited during the week. Defne Erdur typed t...
By Defne Erdur Eligible Member    2019.10.23    0    130