IDOCDE EDITORIAL: Martin's Alphabet

In the most recent IDOCDE Editorial read about the upcoming MTD Dance Labs in Hamburg and Vienna, details and links included; the new General Data Protection Regulation that the internet has been buzzing about these last couple of weeks, and how it is going to choreograph behaviour of the online communities you're coming in contact with on a daily basis, this including IDOCDE; and finally, Martin Streit's reflections regarding the most recent goings-on at Camp IDOCDE; regarding the Mind The Dance publication and preparations for our annual Symposium that is going to take place at Vienna's Arsenal during the ImPulsTanz Dance Festival.

pavleheidler for Team IDOCDE

With the IDOCDE Editorials we wish to bring you the most recent updates and news from across Europe on a monthly basis. Writers of the Editorials are MINDTHEDANCE researchers coming from IDOCDE's partner-institutions and Team IDOCDE aka Staff Members. Each month a different person takes the initiative to write about the state of their research, most recent ongoings in their homelands relating to any topic that might influence the life of a dancer. These might include updates regarding the socio-economic, or political climate, institutional or freelance opportunities or the lack thereof, etc. We hope you'll find your way to the IDOCDE Editorial.

Food For The Day
Can you actually dance if you are not able to play first?
By Tanja Ruta Grgić
Are we documenting what happened or what we experienced?
By Ulla Mäkinen
What are you looking at?
By Andrea Keiz

Featured IDOCs
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Olim Lacus Colueram
A theory in separate parts, revisiting notions of public decency and 21st century Egyptian dance... This article is an extended version of the presentation that was realized by Adham Hafez d...
By Defne Erdur Eligible Teacher    2017.07.31    2    1412

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The Human Movement Alphabet
The Human Movement Alphabet proposes a universal writing system for describing, documenting, evaluating and composing the movement patterns and possibilities of the human body. By default, t...
By [Multiple Creators]    2017.05.24    2    1697

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Spinning with partner is absolutely a great opportunity to discover about the reflexes and behaviours of the shallow ME while communicating! Constantly contacting our partner in different fo...
By Ziya Azazi    2017.05.10    0    1606

Symposium 2018

You are here! IDOCDE Symposium – Summer 2018, 27–29 July 2018 at ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival Further info and registration

Latest IDOCs
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SIDELANING LAB TOUR Upcoming in Vienna Krakow Riga Helsinki Stockholm Copenhagen & Berlin
By Adrien Gaume    2018.06.14    0    15

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Plasma – a movement game
is a kinesthetic-physical intelligence training game where the initial proposal is to answer the question “What do I need?” by and through the movement
By Curio Kitheca    2018.06.10    0    21

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Sara De Santis/ VSOff
Sara De Santis (IT/AT) is a teacher, choreographer, dancer and performer.She is active inside the development of ViennaSchoolOFF the Wiener Perspektive formation focusing on training, educat...
By Sara De Santis    2018.06.06    0    28