Read in the latest editorial observations made during the first, formative year of The Legacy Project and news regarding the 2017 IDOCDE Symposium!!! This editorial was written by Pavle Heidler.

Food For The Day
what happens with movment through time?
By Sabina Holzer
How to materialise a visual experience ?
By Anouk LLaurens
Documentation is the art to get clear
By Martin Streit

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The Human Movement Alphabet
The Human Movement Alphabet proposes a universal writing system for describing, documenting, evaluating and composing the movement patterns and possibilities of the human body. By default, t...
By [Multiple Creators]    2017.05.24    1    141

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Spinning with partner is absolutely a great opportunity to discover about the reflexes and behaviours of the shallow ME while communicating! Constantly contacting our partner in different fo...
By Ziya Azazi    2017.05.10    0    179

Symposium Selection In order to enter The Lottery, please go to the IDOCDE forum topic LOTTERY TO WIN FREE ACCESS TO 2017 IDOCDE SYMPOSIUM (link) and answer the following question: What do you expect from this year’s Symposium? (recommended length of answer: short, between 3 and 99 words) Entrance must be done before July 15th. Three winners will be announced shortly thereafter. Good luck!

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not about thing: what am i/are we/is it doing?
2017 Symposium Proposal
By shannon stewart    2017.06.12    0    77

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Paper Scissors Stone
An event at the IDOCDE symposium 2017 "Why compromise. Mind the Dance" where ImPulsTanz teachers meet and discuss compromise in their teaching in practice and reflection.
By Kerstin Kussmaul Eligible Teacher    2017.06.11    0    70

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The Legacy Project - Valencia James
This is the third in the The Legacy Project series of documents to be published on More information about The Legacy Project coming soon!
By [Multiple Creators]    2017.06.10    0    166