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Anna Fruzsina Karvalics
Currently based: Budapest, HUN
Works as: Movement Educator
Key interests: Somatic wellbeing

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Janine Harrington
Currently based: London, GBR
Works as: choreographer, performer, writer, outside-eye, grant-writer, project manager
Key interests: embodied cognition, neurodiversity, poetry, choreography and coding, interactive structures

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Currently based: İstanbul, TUR
Works as: Performer, Editor, Curatorial Asistant
Key interests: Snowboard, Canoe, Yoga, Sound Healing, Ceramic

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Amelia Uzategui Bonilla
Currently based: Frankfurt am Main, DEU
Works as: Dance Teacher, Researcher, Choreographer, Performer
Key interests: Improvisation, African diaspora, Dance as Ritual, Dance for Health, Dance Education

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Jane Liu
Currently based: Auckland, New Zealand, NZL
Works as: PhD student at University of Auckland
Key interests: Dance, Singing, Fitness, Travel, Collaboration

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Ralf Jaroschinski
Currently based: nomadic
Works as: contact improvisation facilitator, alignment teacher, choreographer
Key interests: contact improvisation, postmodern dance and choreography, contemporary dance and choreography

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Elske Seidel
Currently based: Berlin, DEU
Works as: Contact Improvisation Teacher
Key interests: The Falling Body

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Eckhard Müller
Currently based: Freiburg / Strasbourg, DEU
Works as: Teacher for Contact Improvisation and Inprovisation
Key interests: Weightless Weight / Flow

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Genevieve Grady
Currently based: London, GBR
Works as: performer, choreographer, movement director, teacher
Key interests: performance, making work, teaching in relation to current creative practice