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Stefan Greiner (Testteacher)
Currently based: current city, AUT
Works as: Work as
Key interests: key interests

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Kevin Fay
Currently based: Brussels, BEL
Works as: dancer
Key interests: dance

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Erin Foreman-Murray Eligible Teacher
Currently based: Washington, DC, USA
Works as: Choreographer, Performer, Professorial Lecturer at American University
Key interests: Creative Process, Improvisation, Contemporary Techniques

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Làszló Fülöp
Currently based: Budapest, HUN
Works as: contemporary dance choreographer, teacher, performer
Key interests: social behavior patterns and strategies

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Heike Kuhlmann
Currently based: Berlin, DEU
Works as: Dance Teacher, SME, SMT, Choreograph
Key interests: Contact Improvisation, Body-Mind Centering, Improvisation

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unn faleide
Currently based: Stockholm, SWE
Works as: Dancer
Key interests: Expanded dance. Expanded choreography.

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Livia Kern Eligible Teacher
Currently based: Basel, CHE
Works as: Choreographer, Writer, Teacher
Key interests: Community Dance

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Katja Buechtemann
Currently based: Tübingen, DEU
Works as: teacher, choreographer
Key interests: dance, teaching, performances, choreography, life in all its aspects.

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Bernadett Jobbágy
Currently based: Budapest, HUN
Works as: movement group leader, choreographer, audio-describer
Key interests: special needs, somatic work, community dance, improvisation

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Eryn Rosenthal
Currently based: New York City, NY/ Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Works as: Choreographer, performer, director, teacher; Artist-in-Residence for Dialogue-Building Initiatives
Key interests: composition; interdisciplinary collaboration; contact improvisation; site-based performance; poetry