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alain caillau
Currently based: Toulouse, FRA
Works as: Performer - Teacher
Key interests: Improvisation, public space, somatics

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Rita Komporday
Currently based: Budapest, HUN
Works as: Cultural manager
Key interests: contemporary dance workhsops, mobility of dancers

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Daria Voronina
Currently based: Kyiv, UKR
Works as: CI teacher, interpreter, facilitator
Key interests: CI, NVC, Laban analysis, intersections between life and dance.

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Rosalind Smith
Currently based: Lincoln, GBR
Works as: Dance Artist and Lecturer
Key interests: Interdisciplinarity,Contact Improvisation, Somatic Practices, Contemporary Technique and Performance

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Neža Jamnikar
Currently based: Auckland, NZL
Works as: Movement artist; choreographer and performer
Key interests: Improvisation, contact improvisation, somatics, site-specific, movement theatre

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Frederic Holzwarth
Currently based: Leipzig, DEU
Works as: CI Teacher
Key interests: Contact Improvisation

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liza andreyeva
Currently based: Simferopol, UKR
Works as: CI teacher, artist, graphic designer
Key interests: beauty; weird stuff; magic.

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Jo Bruhn
Currently based: Berlin, DEU
Works as: Teacher, Preformer
Key interests: CI technique, composition, CI and consent

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Kaisa Kukkonen
Currently based: Frankfurt, DEU
Works as: .
Key interests: .

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Anna Fruzsina Karvalics
Currently based: Budapest, HUN
Works as: Movement Educator
Key interests: Somatic wellbeing

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Imani Rameses
Currently based: Vienna, AUT
Works as: Researcher
Key interests: Phenomenology, Cognitive Science, Sensory Perception, Materiality, Site-Specific, Performance Labs

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Glenna Batson
Currently based: Pittsboro, USA
Works as: dance educator
Key interests: somatics

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Isa Leal
Currently based: Davis, USA
Works as: Assoc.Instructor Dance & Theatre at UC Davis
Key interests: Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement, Performance Experiments, Magic

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Currently based: Lisbon, PRT
Works as: Independent choreographer, producer, curator, researcher
Key interests: Collaboration, Expanded choreography

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Ivanna Smolyana
Currently based: Kyiv, UKR
Works as: researcher
Key interests: dance and texts as expressive forms

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Valerie Smith
Currently based: Tamaki Makaurau, NZL
Works as: Artist
Key interests: Performance

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Sarah Sea
Works as: C R E A T I V E O P T I M I S T [Filmmaker, Movement Practitioner/Teacher & Facilitator of the Work That Reconnects]
Key interests: Trees in all their diversity & glory. use of female FORM/ perceived ideas of beauty / distortions, Axis Syllabus research, contact improvisation & movement practices, bridging common humanity, spiritual ecology, filmmaking, the rise of non-Western centric narratives / perceptions / storytelling, ancestry and visioning future beings.

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Alex Postnikov
Currently based: Kiev, UKR
Works as: CI worshipper
Key interests: attention, CI, zen