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Franz Sramek
Currently based: Wien, AUT
Works as: performer, teacher
Key interests: research, improvisation, experimenting, collaborate with artists from different artistic directions

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Benoit Verjat
Currently based: Paris, FRA
Works as: Research Designer and PhD Candidate
Key interests: research design, scores, transformative experiences, rituals, intellectual technologies

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Naoto Hieda
Currently based: Cologne, DEU
Works as: artist
Key interests: bestpracticesincontemporarydance

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Marina Grün
Currently based: Mainz, DEU
Works as: dance artist, dance educator
Key interests: dance education, transmission, community, awareness

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Jorge Guevara Larrotta
Currently based: Brussels, BEL
Works as: Choreographer - Interaction & experience Designer
Key interests: Digital dance, dance archive, post dance/ dance 2.0

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Currently based: Barcelona, ESP
Works as: Choreographer, dancer, teacher, researcher and writer
Key interests: touch, critical theory, oulipo, embodied discourse

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Sasha Portyannikova
Currently based: Berlin
Works as: choreographer and cofounder in dance cooperative Isadorino Gore,teacher and researcher
Key interests: dance as a communicative toolunfamiliar dance heritage

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Tru Paraha
Currently based: Auckland, NZL
Works as: choreographer, poet, director
Key interests: astrochoreography, writing, audio-visual art, sound

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Ira Ferris
Currently based: Sydney, AUS
Works as: Dancer, video artist, poet, dance writer and podcaster
Key interests: Body and Environment

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Marco Pellizzari
Currently based: Cervignano del Friuli (UD), ITA
Works as: Socio-pedagogical Educator
Key interests: Contact Improvisation

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Zahra Ghiasvand Mohammadkhani
Currently based: Qazvin, IRN
Works as: Choreographer, Performer
Key interests: Choreography, Contemporary dance, Butoh, Performing art, creative writing, Science

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Giedre Jankauskiene
Currently based: Vilnius, LTU
Works as: Dance artist, Lecturer at Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy
Key interests: Uncertainty, Improvisation & Movement exploration, CI, Anatomy, Kinaesthetic Intelligence,

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Agnese Vanaga
Currently based: Buenos Aires, ARG
Works as: Dancer Choreographer Teacher
Key interests: Investigación Creation Analysis Interpretation

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Kristian Larsen
Currently based: Auckland, NZL
Works as: artist working in dance and sound
Key interests: improvisation/ hauntologies/ everything audio

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Ulku Caglayan
Currently based: Arusha, TZA
Works as: performance artist, mover, breath trainer
Key interests: unthought knowledge, collective experimentation, performative studies and neuroscience

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Christopher-Rasheem McMillan
Currently based: New Haven, USA
Works as: Assistant Professor of Dance/Visiting Assistant Professor of Theology and Live Art, Yale University
Key interests: Body Theology, Choreographic Practices, American Religious Culture, Practice Based Research

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Sonia York-Pryce
Currently based: Gold Coast, AUS
Works as: dance researcher, film maker, writer
Key interests: ageing, performance, older professional dancers, dance films

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Lacina Coulibaly
Currently based: New York, USA
Works as: Dancer, choreographer, artistic director, guest lecturer at Yale University
Key interests: Dance as a way of embracing, celebrating, enlightening life

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Liza Futerman
Currently based: Beer Sheva, ISR
Works as: Poet, Dancer, Teacher, Researcher
Key interests: Somatic experience literacy & education, sexuality, wellbeing, authentic movement