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And now?

Now that you are back and probably as exhausted as I am from information overload and whirling hot molecules.  I just took a moment looking back to what happened on the website so far and noticed that although trying, I am still far from knowing what every single idoc is about, less about having read / viewed all of them. So it is a good point in time to lean back and get nourishment from other people’s input!

Also, the documentation of the symposium will be online towards the end of the summer: To get a glimpse of what else has happened with returning idocs while you were busy in the next studio. Or, maybe you haven’t made it to to the symposium, then you could still do our little treasure hunt! Although the treasure box has already been emptied – what did our lucky winners think about the performance by the way, and are you having fun strolling around with the T-shirts?

For more impressions and documentation click here!


Kerstin Kussmaul

August 1st, 2013