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WORLD.- Complexity, folding. Never-ending folded unity. Explosive multiplicity. - WORLD.   

WORLD, what now? How to continue?
WORLD, what now? How to be? How to become? Present. Future.

How to connect? Become a present?

Words (usually aide in trouble) shy away, become flickering lights. Rather substances than significant signs.

WORLD, how to approach you? Think with you. Sense you. Be with you.
WORLD, what to do?

 ("The world is basically baseless and this is the most liveliness aspect of her sense. The world is unfolding infinitive fragility.” says Jean Luc Nancy.)

 WORLD, how are you? 


Being part of this WORLD, this existence. This there-will-never-be-another-one-like- you. Being singular, being plural, being it all together. Being, dancing, existing.

Attending. Tingling. Tensing. Being inside and outside. Being at the same time. Being body, mind, matter, space, sparkle. Being translator and interpreter of WORLD. Of these worlds. Of other worlds. Other WORLD opening, closing.

Being opened, being closed. Being experienced. Have you ever been experienced? Being not-knowing. Being a stranger. Strangely speechless.

Being flooded with concerns. How to continue? Flooded with questions.
What kind of post-human beings will be part of this ecological system WORLD?

 WORLD, what now?

Human, what is it? Being permeated by waves of violent images, messages, vibes, resonances. Massive messages. Situated. Being this violence. Being this violence long before this eye participated, these ears were listening, this nose followed these certain smells. This skin was touched and this mouth breathed. These vocal cords entered this existing chorus: what kind of WORLD is it today? What kind of WORLD do we want? Who is we? How to continue?

The way as it ever was. Turning. Returning. Turning over. Starting over. Starting all over. Overall conservative concerns. Keep watching and maintaining. Conserving. Archiving. (Like every type and click is archived here from this machine, this company.) Conservatism is not a political system, but rather a way of looking at the civil order. Private property is the base of this neoliberal situation, the base of capitalism. The base of: one longs for belongings and gets possessed by possessions. Private property is the base of this social organization here. And elsewhere. WORLD! Where are you?

“WORLD is basically baseless and this is the most liveliness aspect of her sense”.  

Not being afraid to change. Not being a fraidy-cat. Being a ready-cat. Ready to begin. Radically. Begin. Again and again. Conserving and conversing with fragile freedoms. Gaining a begin. Being a gain. Being thinking. Being acting. Act thinking. Necessary thinking. Necessities. Nesting. Questing. Accumulating veins. Love's veins. Accumulating acts.

Acting locally, thinking globally. Love's veins. Local love - a medicament applied to a particular part of the body. A part of a place, a part of a scene. Conserving and conversing with fragile freedoms. Dance locally with respect to space and place. Place is the space.

Space and global WORLD. Worldwide WORLD. Universal. Pertaining to the whole globe of the earth. Groundless ground. Basically baseless. Soil, dirt, dry land. Countries counted. States stated. Districts distributed. WORLD. Earth considered as a planet called so from c. 1400. Human existence. What does it do? What for?

WORLD, what is happening?

WORLD. Unfolding of infinitive fragility. Most liveliness aspect of your sense. Sense extended to the known world. Sense extended to the unknown worlds. Worldly future. A great quantity of number. A great quality of quantity.


WORLD, what now?



Collecting colleges, friends, fireflies and others. The other of two. Being full of fireflies. Full of (often) clandestine attempts to chronicle inner states. (Even in the darkest times, when no one appeared to hear, make these ears listening.)

Listing another property, a nature, a quality, a being with. A becoming. A being able to escape major turbulences. Being fleeting. Discrete, marginal, interstitial, intermittent. A state of exception. Presenting properties as preferable the least probable of one's own time's expectations and economics; properties as preferable a part of reality, instead of its whole understanding. Vanishing once placed before the big reflectors (because countercurrent demonstrations go extinct when assimilated by their own time's trends.) Reflectors reflected by reflexes and slow thinking. Being outmoded. Unseasonal time-sailors. Trembling, quivering, questioning. Responding. Responsible. Being possibilities in response. Corresponding. Caressing and conserving fragile freedoms.

Currently speechless. Hands are reaching out to fumble in order to create a space. Hopping without shopping. Zig-zagging, turning, leaping and diving, crawling. Howling sometimes. Words shy away, become flickering lights. Images. Imaginations. Imagine. All the people. Living life in peace. This piece of space is full. Imagine. All the people. Living life in peace.


This piece of WORLD is full of imagination to discover without coverage. Courage covered by intenseness. Announcing. Coming. Welcoming. Becoming. Wellbeing. Not coming to terms, yet. Coming to mutual relations first. With WORLD. With who-is-the-subject-here? With is-war-a word-a-number-a-code-or-a-WORLD? With war-is-over-if-you want-to.

Give. Giving up. Supplying, trying, failing, falling, fading, facing. Lending, surrendering. Delivering doubtful different versions of values. Coming committed.

Depending on WORLD. Depending on you.

(Sabina Holzer, December, 26th, 2016)

- Alain Badiou, Reflection on the Recent Election,
- Georges Didi-Huberman, Das Überleben der Glühwürmchen, Wilhelm Fink Verlag, Paderborn, 2012
- Marcus Steinweg,
- Photo taken by Sabina Holzer