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Teaching Form[less]?

„Voidness does not mean nothingness, but rather that all things lack intrinsic reality, intrinsic objectivity, intrinsic identity or intrinsic referentiality. Lacking such static essence or substance does not make them not exist —- it makes them thoroughly relative.“ (Lex Hixon)


When we talk about form and the formless, we start talking about relationships.

How the form and the formless relate in dance, is not quite as obvious as it might seem at first glance. 

When we talk about form in dance, is it the visible form we refer to? Are there invisible forms? And would formless teaching then be invisible teaching?

When we talk about formless in dance, we often refer to experience – as in what we experience in a certain moment in form, or state of mind. Yet this experience is a result: a perceptional composition  of your sensory-motor complex dealing with sensation, biography, awareness and expectation. Can a composition be formless?

This symposium is an invitation to us: to expand together our understanding of how the form and formless relate in dance at second, third and fourth glance.

We have created a weekend for you based on your appreciated feedback from last year! More time for socializing, a little less crowded a program and yet plenty of choices to form this week invidivually according to your interest and liking.

We also have created moments of less form, not to say formlessness, and they are an invitation to relate: To yourself and to the people around you.

Looking forward to sharing a weekend full of inspiration, dancing, talking and being –


Kerstin Kussmaul - For the Project Team -

Vienna - May 27th, 2015