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Teaching Form[less]? - 2015

Teaching Form[less]?

Looking into and behind forms. Finding what liberates us. 

IDOCDE (International Documentation of Contemporary Dance Education) organizes the 3rd IDOCDE SYMPOSIUM on contemporary dance and its teaching methods at the ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival 2015.


Teaching Form[less]?

There are as many influences, ideas, styles and techniques in contemporary dance as there are teachers teaching it. All including - but not limited to - somatic and let’s say more „formal“ approaches. Yet it seems we all are looking for the same: A versatile, adaptable and creative body. Are we not? So, maybe the question is - what is form?

A weekend to share, dance and reflect together on who we are as teachers, on whose giant shoulders we stand and where we might be heading...

We are looking forward to be dancing on this together with you in Vienna,  July 24-26, 2015 @ ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival.



The symposium welcomes everyone interested in contemporary dance and related fields and invites to share teaching practices, questions & ideas around the current teaching of the art form.

Early Bird Registration!
01 May – 01 June 2015: EUR 35,- (Eligibility IDOCDE members*) / EUR 120,-
After 01 June 2015: EUR 50,- (Eligibility IDOCDE members*) / EUR 150,-

Students can benefit from the EUR 35,- fee in exchange of working in and around IDOCDE * * and the Symposium. For details please contact:


Please register at the ImPulsTanz workshop office via email

About the symposium, please contact Olivia Schellander
About, please contact

* Teachers in the field of contemporary dance; you can sign up to become an IDOCDE member and then fulfill the criteria of eligibility and benefit from the reduced price of the symposium.

** Possible work exchange options are as follows, however IDOCDE is open for further suggestions from students.

-Facilitator : Assisting lecturers during the  Symposium Sessions

-Documentor : Creating documents during the Symposium as a contribution to

-IDOCDE Intern: Assisitng the Admins of on content or technical management

-SYMPOSIUM Inter: Assisting the Symposium Manager starting from 3 days before, during and 1 day after the Symposium.