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Tracing Forwards –––––– 2019



Tracing Forwards ––––––
intersecting (somatic) legacies and future (art) practices

7th IDOCDE Residency and Symposium
Residency: July 22-26, 2019
Symposium: July 26-28, 2019
@ ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival

The IDOCDE symposium and residency series is dedicated to the artistic and pedagogic practices of contemporary dance. Past editions have focused on artistic documentation, collaborative processes, and their political and educational implications.

This year we aim to create a space for becoming – a portal for somatic artmaking. The purpose of the gathering is to feed-forward the rethinking of the value and usage of somatic work in an artistic, pedagogic, and socio-political context. Integrative, intergenerational, recontextualizing.



To that end, this year’s symposium is a continuous 25-hour-long event. The intention of this format is to create the context for embodying a full circadian cycle of the soma, whilst attending to a variety of practices.

It is “important that you learn how to alter your consciousness, which is what we do when we start movement ritual and we start with the breathing exercises going all the way through the body.” (Anna Halprin in ‘Landscape of the Now’, Kent de Spain (2014))

The question is: can we treat the symposium in its entirety as a unit of somatic exploration? Giving and receiving information, dancing, sleeping, eating, resting, contemplating, listening, sharing, touching and being touched, breathing together...


Keynote speakers and practitioners (list prone to change, in shape and size):

Glenna Batson
Carol Brown
Defne Erdur
Oğuz Erdur
Eszter Gál
Mariella Greil
Janine Harrington
Sabina Holzer
Thomas Kampe
Charles Koroneho
Kerstin Kussmaul
Benoît Lachambre
Kristian Larsen
Nita Little
Mary Overlie
Ria Probst
Dr. Julia Rastelli
Sylvia Scheidl
Melina Seldes
Katelyn Skelley
Anastasia Stoyannides
Gabriella Zeno




The residency will consist of two moderated study-groups, each hosting a maximum of 6 professional dancer-artists and/or dancer-pedagogues for half a day, Monday to Friday. Each residency will be facilitated by an IDOCDE-invited guest-artist, whose role will be to stimulate the group towards articulating individual interests and practices, towards sharing and learning, exchanging of knowledge, towards maturing as artists and teachers and contemporaries on this majestic planet we call Earth.

The two residencies will have a different focus, articulated in collaboration with the residencies’ facilitators. Both groups will look, in different capacities and diffractions, into somatic practices as tools within the realm of pedagogic and/or artistic practice.

One of the residencies will be facilitated by Nita Little, and the other will be facilitated by Charles Koroneho!




Ways to Contribute:


Residency participant:
In the residency, you will work on and intersect your own artistic / pedagogical practice, with the other participants. The facilitator will guide the process, hold the space and support the group process. Both residency groups will get the opportunity to share whatever they deem appropriate at the symposium. Please to send a letter of motivation (no longer than one A4) and your CV no later than April 8th, 2019. Please send your application to Two scholarships are available for those in economic need. Please specify in you motivation letter if you’d like to be supported by the scholarship and why. For holders of the scholarship, the accommodation and access to IDOCDE Residency and Symposium will be free of charge.


Symposium Lecturer: 20 minute format.
We are looking for individuals or groups interested in responding to the symposium theme. Maximum time of presentation is 20 minutes. Any prefered format of conference paper, lecture, lecture performance or sharing of documentation. Please send a max 250 word abstract, a 50 word version for publishing, a photograph, and a short bio no later than April 8th, 2019. Please send your material to


Symposium participant:
The IDOCDE symposia are community-driven, practice-based, often interactive. Your input is important, both formally and informally, for propelling our thinking and doing forward. You will also have the opportunity to sign up spontaneously for short sharings, and for interviewing someone else present at the symposium. Registration will be open in May at


Our volunteers help with space set-up, food preparation, organisational matters, and/or provide a hosting service to a scholarship holder of the IDOCDE Residency. Volunteers might be temporarily prevented from engaging with the Symposium content due to specific responsibilities. Please send your request to




Symposium participation: Non IDOCDE-members € 135

Reduced fees for IDOCDE members (to become a member create a profile on

Residency & Symposium € 100 
(discounted ImPulsTanz workshops for Residency and Symposium participants and contributors, restrictions apply)

2 Residency scholarships € 0
(apply via motivation letter, see description above)

Symposium for IDOCDE members € 50
(members: create a profile on

10 Symposium scholarships for IDOCDE members € 0
(please send motivation request to

Symposium volunteers € 0
Discounted ImPulsTanz workshops (restrictions apply)

Symposium lecturers € 0


The symposium fee includes dinner, a night snack and breakfast.

Bring a sleeping bag and pillow for Saturday night.