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++ designates events that, in some shape or form, happen more than once

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Tuesday 2020 07 21 (atlantic) /
Wednesday 2020 07 22 (pacific)

The Opening Assembly, The Place of Texture
The Start before The Start

Following the opening remarks, we––members of Team IDOCDE––intend to invite all those present to describe the texture of the present moment as it exists in your experience in-real-time in an attempt to locate the place of the symposium in the felt sense first. Imagine a slow procession of poetic remarks, a growing poem and a meditation, imagine a session in which time is not taken but felt and language not only referred to but created––the purpose of which is not only to invoke the emergence of a place but a sensitive strategy with which to approach the week.




Tuesday 2020 07 21 (atlantic) ++
Wednesday 2020 07 22 (pacific)

Alain Caillau, Angela Stoecklin, Defne Erdur, Dilek Üstünalan, Gabriela Zuarez, Imani Rameses, Rebecca LazierSezen Tonguz

SANKOFA*: Revisiting (In)sights, (Up)dating Realities

After our isolation came a renegotiation of our perceptions and the question: what grounding ingredients combine to compose our reality? 
Our post-selves reintroduced our bodies and our emotions to the sensibilities of living, and to the possibilities offered by pausing and attending to our current state of transition.
The reestablishment of personal practices and physically moving with other bodies coupled with our previous confinements initiated our awareness of sensory availabilities present in each moment of both our performative and non-performative lives.
Thus our group is embracing this state of transition by tuning into the subtle sensitivities of our senses in the privacy of our living rooms and the openness of public spaces. As we rediscover our daily practices as artists, and as humans, together, we reconsider the significance of transition and sensibility particularly when faced with uncertain, unknown, and unpredictable realities.
Not sure anymore what it means to share space, to reach out, or to step forward, we want to share some of our curiosity for play created out of a new inertia. You are invited to join us in revisiting what we had and reshaping what we will discover together. 

Here you can find the archive of our process building up to this sharing. 

Below you can find the scores of the 2 sub-groups of our Residency, that will be proposed to you during our meeting at the Symposium:

1- Scores: Virtual Place For Taking Space #2 / Alain-Imani-Rebecca

2- Scores: Virtual Place For Taking Space #2 / Angela-Gabriela-Sezen

* Sankofa (pronounced SAHN-koh-fah) is a word in the Twi language of Ghana that translates to "Go back and get it" (san - to return; ko - to go; fa - to fetch, to seek and take) and also refers to the BonoAdinkra symbol represented either with a stylized heart shape or by a bird with its head turned backwards while its feet face forward carrying a precious egg in its mouth. Sankofa is often associated with the proverb, “Se wo were fi na wosankofa a yenkyi," which translates as: "It is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten."[1][2]   (Wikipedia)



Tuesday 2020 07 21 (atlantic) ++
Wednesday 2020 07 22 (pacific)

Kerstin Kussmaul

From chôra to chor(e)ography

Is a very shorthistorical journey touching upon Plato’s notion of place/space, contemporary feminist interpretations of space, and in a lateral space, a nod to chor(e)ography.
Originally conceived as an event intersecting dance with architecture, the IDOCDE symposium now deals with place and space oscillating between the physical place of the body and digital spaces. This lecture and conversation tills some of the ground to open this conversation. Maybe we will realize in the end that all choreography is place-based thinking?



Tuesday 2020 07 21 (atlantic)
Wednesday 2020 07 22 (pacific)

Victoria Hunter

Dancing the Domestic

This session explores how women’s experiences of domestic spaces have been explored through dance research and performance prior to, during and post lockdown. It combines a lecture presentation with a practical movement score for participants, followed by q and a / discussion.

The presentation responds to the recent explosion of on-line dance activity from around the world resulting from lockdown and social distancing restrictions imposed in response to the Covid-19 global pandemic. Over recent months, dancing at home has become the new norm and videos of families mastering Tik Tok moves, couples learning to Tango and people dancing with their pets have gone viral, re-enforcing the life affirming and well-being benefits of dancing, moving and keeping fit.

Despite this upsurge in activity and its associated popular appeal, however, dance in the domestic realm is not a new phenomenon. Many choreographers and practitioner-academics have created dance work in home spaces and researched the domestic realm as a site of labour, conflict, retreat and identity for a number of years (Sarah Black, 2016, Beatrice Jarvis 2014,Hunter, forthcoming 2021). For dance artists already engaged with the domestic realm, and specifically female experiences of domesticity, the lockdown presents a number of challenges and opportunities. How might these artists review their work and its significance during lockdown? How might issues of women’s experience in home spaces central to their work inform discussions of pressing issues emergent through the lockdown period? How has their own work been impacted by lockdown constraints - when the site and subject of their work is shifted in significant ways? How might these insights shape and inform broader working practices post lockdown and what insights might be offered to discourses of women’s experiences of domestic labour, care giving, and domestic violence? How might a ‘homing/ worlding’ practice emerge through site-based movement exploration that prioritises body-site relations and material engagement over aestheticized framing and utopian domestic narratives?

Lockdown is a term commonly employed in the prison system to infer a state of confinement, restricted movement, and the withdrawal of privileges and freedoms. In the dance community, withdrawal of such freedoms has led dance artists (and the general public) to explore restriction as a catalyst for creative response. In some cases, confinement of physical space has led to the expansion of artistic, reflective and imaginative space, whilst for others it has led to inertia and creative paralysis. The impact of lockdown on personal freedoms, wellbeing and creative, artistic expression and endeavour involves the complex, interplay of social and personal conditions, experiences and affects. During lockdown therefore, domestic dancing becomes a space or site in which the social, personal, political and artistic are entwined.

Through discussion and exploration of these ideas, combined with physical exploration of our own domestic spaces developed through the movement score task, we will share our embodied experiences of moving and embodying home-sites through corporeal enquiry.



Tuesday 2020 07 21 (atlantic)
Wednesday 2020 07 22 (pacific)

Dr Tia Reihana-Morunga (Ngāti Hine)

Ka Mua Ka Muri: (from past I am moving within future)

If backwards was unsettled as present. The now was reflective of memories. What is held because it has already been released? From the distinct perspectives of Te Ao Māori (Māori world view) this whakatauki (proverb) is located within current landscapes of praxis that have been unsettled, or settled, disrupted or revitalised, troubled or …… by the unknown or knowledge of past or present. The world is in flux… so what of us? May we always walk backwards towards …. This wero (challenge) is not new.

As we walk backwards into future what is familiar to? In this icocde gathering we will critically reflect upon our practices where distinct understandings of this shared whaktauki (proverb) can reveal and revitalise the unknown. Facilitated moments of embodied practice, kōrero (conversation) are an activation for whānaungatanga (relational spaces in virtual).




Wednesday 2020 07 22 (pacific) ++

Laura RiosKerstin Kussmaul

A world of nostalgia. Future Memories.

Proposes a virtual-somatic “incubation” by voice in a one-on-one whatsapp call, without video.

The somatic incubator leads the recipient through an experience by reading and possible improvising with a given text and or audio. The recipient, having prepared with simple pre-set instructions, moves and senses through this experience.

A world of nostalgia. Future Memories asks about the here and now of the senses, how we can be nostalgic for something in the future. At the same time drawing on how a virus works: not necessarily being personally known to the recipient.

This proposal is split up in three parts:

  • INTRODUCTION: the proceedings is explained. You then choose if you would like to be an incubator or a recipient and sign up accordingly.
    If you cannot attend the live introduction, you can watch the recording and then sign up - within 24 hours of the live event .
  • SECOND PART: the time of the audio-one-on-one whatsapp call. Both incubator and recipient go through the experience together. There may be unconscious confluences through the calls made parallel around the world. There will be no socializing in the call.
  • THIRD PART: Harvest. After the call, the entire group gathers and shares their experience informally.



Wednesday 2020 07 24 (atlantic & pacific)

Carol Brown, Amaara RaheemShinjita Roy


Crossing (def. OED)

To meet and pass; to meet in passing; t o pass over a line, a river, a channel; to pass from one side to (an)other; to draw a line across a surface; to mark; to intersect; make connections between different lines - of work, of thoughts OR to cancel; to strike out, erase.

Three artists, all of whom cross borders - culturally, geographically, spatially, disciplinary - probe ways and means of crossings. Orienting attention to the Asia-Pacific region – through experiences from Naarm, Australia, Kolkata, India and Aotearoa, NZ – Raheem, Roy and Brown present circuitous lines of connection; crossweaves.



Thursday 2020 07 23 (atlantic)
Friday 2020 07 24 (pacific)

Katelyn Skelley, Sally E. Dean, Silvia Marchigpavleheidler

New Ecologies of Public & Private + the Art of Wearing a Tablecloth

What does public and private mean in the new ecology of Corona times?


We would like to play a game––together––in a space both public and private.

Please bring what you (already) know and what you don't (already) know.

This game is activated through movement, talking, and listening, performing, and observing, drawing, singing, reflecting, contemplating, and remaining together
when silence comes.

The Art of Wearing a Tablecloth is a metaphor for being ready to embrace change while it is happening, in real time, still recognizing the elements that are changing, in the complexity of their ethical and poetical appearance and effect. And also an effort of taking it responsibly but not too seriously.



Thursday 2020 07 23 (atlantic)
Friday 2020 07 24 (pacific)

Ewa LimanowkaCamille Intson

TRANSMITTING / betweenspace


"As artists, how can we respond when our live, physical practices are forced online? Ewa Limanowka and Camille Intson discuss their creative responses to the COVID-19 pandemic through the creation of two experimental online works: TRANSMITTING and betweenspace. 

Using Zoom as a medium to facilitate open dialogue, share the work, and challenge the traditional lecture format of the conference, this event will collapse the boundaries of public and private space to present new ways of thinking about digital creativity in times of artistic uncertainty.

During our performative conversation, we will look for new connections between worlds of the academy/practitioners, and performers/audiences. Furthermore, we will discuss how we can translate our practices to a symposium audience, using unknowns as an advantage to support our creativity."



Thursday 2020 07 23 (atlantic)
Friday 2020 07 24 (pacific)

Defne Erdur, Eszter Gal, Romain Bige, Corinne Jola

Canted Times, Suspended Bodies, Melded Reflection

Defne Erdur is hosting Romain Bige, Eszter Gal and Corinne Jola to revisit the past precarious months — inquiring variety of realities, strategies and reflections of the confinement — turning and tuning our attention to the unpredictable future. The meeting will be mainly crossing conversations within/ around/ by dance and movement, philosophy, cognitive science, politics, ecology and more (?) as our focus will be on the body and its material and virtual surroundings.



Thursday 2020 07 23 (atlantic) ++
Friday 2020 07 24 (pacific)

Kamnoush Khosrovani, lo bilDeirdre Amirault Morris

Confluence Mapping Through Napping and Nurturing Habitat

*Three facilitators offer a practice, prompts for experimentation off-camera, and discussion time.

How can we be restful in the messiness that connects us? Confluence Mapping potentially traces an ecosystem of practices in order to reflect on who you are in your own habitat and how to nurture and rest in this space of online constancy. Napping is a performative force of “minor-gestures” where our practices meet as an interruption, a non-compulsory poetry of siesta. Naps create political activation to perform inactivity and create an interruption of what is going on. Rest as an embodiment of love “through the back”. How do we develop the habits we have accrued over many years of practice into new formations that support us within the changing frames of interaction?  If the dancing body allows for a process of place-making, as an echo of that location, how can focusing on confluence - where our practices meet - create a habitat for growth across a multitude of geographies?  



Thursday 2020 07 23 (atlantic)
Friday 2020 07 24 (pacific)


Performative Lecture 

Rulan offers the session as an opening to ancient ideas of movement, sound and rhythm, as central to rituals for transformation, while embracing cyberspace as a realm of intercultural exchange and collaboration that paves the way to embodiment of imagined realm of liberation. This offering will bring an opportunity for us to meet as modern people of this time, and diverse places, to consider our responsibility as artists to make the movements that reflect the issues of our time, and the ways of being that transcend time. 




Saturday 2020 07 25 (atlantic)
Sunday 2020 07 26 (pacific)

Colleen BartleyGretchen Dunn



 A         An




Colleen & Gretchen

{informal proposition}


Connections, Crossovers, Coincidences, Confluences


Our personal & professional legacies


Making a friendly welcoming home

for something to happen........


Come as you are, bring a snack.




Saturday 2020 07 25 (atlantic)
Sunday 2020 07 26 (pacific)

Melina SeldesDeirdre Amirault Morris


A Live Virtual Space Activation

A defined space

A conversation

Clear parameters

Not allowed to reaffirm yourself or to agree (this It was written in the way you say when you are playing, rules of a game, not as a hard instruction)

To meet with what we don’t know

To generate a document

To leave traces that it has happened

Team work

The audience as participants, documentarists and witnesses.




Saturday 2020 07 25 (atlantic)
Sunday 2020 07 26 (pacific)

The Closing Assembly, The Place of Reflection, Integration, Nostalgia, and Hope
The Songs of Legend AKA IDOCDE happy hour/coffee hour

Following the closing remarks, we––members of Team IDOCDE––intend to invite all those present to describe the texture of the present moment as it exists in your experience in-real-time in an attempt to locate the place of resonance, a place where experience is committed to memory in lyric, poetry, and song, in celebration of past glory and celebration of a better tomorrow. Imagine a photograph of a sunset you took twenty years ago in your friend’s hand, the tears on their face as they remember on a warm, summer night.

Note: pull out your hammock, bring a drink of choice and a snack