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To attend the Symposium please register with the ImPulsTanz Workshop Office: starting from 02 May!


Registration fee

EARLY BIRD: before 01 June   Eligible IDOCDE teachers  35€  /  non-IDOCDE teachers* 120€

After 01 June   Eligible IDOCDE teachers 50€ / non-IDOCDE teachers* 150€


Study Groups for dance students (=min. of 4 students):  35€  per student



*Teachers in the field of contemporary dance can sign up to become IDOCDE members. Once a member, you attain the right to attend the Symposium at a reduced price by fulfilling the eligibility criteria.


Important: You have to be eligible on the IDOCDE website before picking up your Symposium Pass at the Festival if you wish to pay the reduced price for "eligible IDOCDE teachers". (this applies for the early bird registration as well.)  For details on HOW TO BE ELIGIBLE please follow this link.


for technical issues /eligibility on, please contact



Volunteers can benefit from either free participation OR reduced participation fee of EUR 35,- in exchange* of working in and around IDOCDE and the Symposium.


*Possible work exchange options are as follows:                  

Facilitator: Assisting lecturers/teachers during the Symposium Sessions
Documentor: Creating documents during the Symposium as a contribution to
SYMPOSIUM Intern: Assisting the Symposium Coordinator

(in case you come up with another, IDOCDE is open for further suggestions)


if questions remain, please don't hesitate to contact Olivia Schellander