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IDOCs » CHAT TRANSCRIPT opening assembly
This is the transcript of a chat that emerged during the opening assembly on Tuesday, 2020 07 21 CEST as part of the 2020 IDOCDE Symposium, MAKING PLACE TAKING SPACE.

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00:37:29 Defne Erdur - Team IDOCDE: If you can, please donate to the 2020 IDOCDE symposium. all the proceedings of the donations will go to compensate the lecturers and hosts for their time and the effort they put into this. we are specifically looking for donations to support those lecturers and hosts with lower or no regular income and members of the BIPOC community. we are conscious of the risk all the lecturers and hosts took when approaching the symposium, knowing that our budget this year was in your capable hands. thank you for your understanding and your generosity.
00:38:08 Defne Erdur - Team IDOCDE: For Bank Transfer:
Account holder: IMPULSTANZ
IBAN: AT95 12000 00697459600
Bank institution: UniCredit Bank Austria AG
Bank address: Rotschildplatz 1, 1020 Wien, Austria
For Transferwise:
email for Transferwise:
Recipient Transferwise: IMPULSTANZ, 1070 Wien, Neustiftgasse 3/12
To best track your donation we will need your NAME, ADDRESS, EMAIL, and please reference "IDOCDE DONATION" on the donation so that we receive it. Thank you!

00:53:09 deirdre amirault morris, she/her/they, TEWA: Recording: we will be recording the main session of each event. Please turn off your camera or sound if you are not wanting to be recorded.
00:53:50 deirdre amirault morris, she/her/they, TEWA: Schedule: please look at schedule and figure out your timezone. Please log into meeting a few minutes before the start time.
00:54:22 deirdre amirault morris, she/her/they, TEWA:
00:55:53 deirdre amirault morris, she/her/they, TEWA: Zoom: Video and audio buttons on lower left portion of the screen.

00:56:14 pavleheidler (they/them): sorry, the schedule link above is already old. here’s the most recent update.
00:56:14 pavleheidler (they/them):

00:57:07 deirdre amirault morris, she/her/they, TEWA: Raise hand option: click on this if you would like to ask a question.

01:51:27 Defne Erdur - Team IDOCDE: Writing down few words that resonate with you after this small group sharings!

01:57:10 Marisolpvargas Choreographer/Research/Dancer /Teacher: FEEL THE CIRCLE!!

01:59:42 Manuela Montalto: Excuse me I don't open the camera because I'm cooking now. :)

02:00:03 Laura Ríos: :)

02:00:17 pavleheidler (they/them): no problem!

02:04:44 dagesjuvelierkeates: space for a trace!

02:05:11 Laura Ríos: sounds great Pavle!

02:06:04 pavleheidler (they/them): thank you ?

02:06:51 Marisolpvargas Choreographer/Research/Dancer /Teacher: Spoiled-SENS- INSTINCT
02:07:41 Marisolpvargas Choreographer/Research/Dancer /Teacher: ES EL ESPIRITU/ SPIRIT!!

02:08:37 Kerstin Kussmaul (she/her): its like a channel!

02:09:24 pavleheidler (they/them): the 2020 IDOCDE symposium documentation THE OPENING ASSEMBLY

02:14:54 colleen: Curious about how many time zones we are arriving from/joining in from?

02:15:22 Marisolpvargas Choreographer/Research/Dancer /Teacher: I send yesterday should I choose one to share?

02:16:37 colleen: Just like when we are together live!
02:17:51 Corinne Jola: Thanks for the nice shared opening of the opening ;-) I have to go and move. See you later!

02:18:17 Defne Erdur - Team IDOCDE: thank you corinne! enjoy!

02:18:48 Barbara Stahlberger, Germany, 4pm: thank you for all this work and coming together - it is really Great to meet and See you hugs

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