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IDOCs » ECITE 2019 - Photo Journal
This idoc is a compilations of photos that Defne Erdur took during ECITE 2019 in some what a chronological order, and images she gathered from Sergey Semichev's albumes and video aiming to give a visual impression of the meetings content. This compilation is also aimed to be in service of the report she has created for ECITE 2019 that took place in Kiev, Ukraine during 12-19 July 2019. ECITE 2019 Folder here on serves as this report.

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Please click on the images below for openning the album and stroll right or left to view the photos.

For more images by Sergey Semichev of ECITE 2019 you can also check the album hereI share snapshots from this album below..  

I also share some screen shots from Sergey's video document of ECITE 2019 attached. 

A written over view of ECITE 2019 is presented here by Defne Erdur where a video by Sergei Semichev can also be viewed. More reflections can be found in the Folder ECITE 2019

If you are a participant of ECITE 2019 and have more visuals to share:
- please become a member of,
- create a profile,
- write to and ask her to add you as a co-author to this document
- than upload your images in.
Thank you for your contributions!

01 web home page
02 organization team
03 international support team
1 arriving to kiev
3 some where out there
2 arriving to the country side
4 behind the lake
6 welcomed by the swans
5 slowly orienting around
7 facilitation and organization teams arriving gradually
9 getting ready to work
8 taking time to arrive
11 ensembles-pigs
10 ensembles-tree
12 ensembles-hens
13 solo-peecock
start up questions0
start up questions3
start up questions5
start up questions4
start up questions6
start up questions7
start up questions8
start up questions2
start up questions1
2 Writing Individual Questions
1 Sharing Individual Questions
Individual Questions Collective Paper 1
Individual Questions Collective Paper 2
Individual Questions Collective Paper 3
Individual Questions Collective Paper 4
3 All Individual Questions
Individual Questions Collective Paper 5
Individual Questions Collective Paper 6
Individual Questions in Space
Physical Brain Storming with KeyWords
bulletin board self organization
1 Labs Day1 Morning
2 Labs Day 2 Afternoon
3 Labs Day 2 Morning
4 Labs Day1-2-3
5 Labs Day 3 -Day Off
6 Labs Day 4-5
ECITE TimeLine1
ECITE TimeLine2
ECITE TimeLine Panaroma
sexuality lab sharing 1
sexuality lab sharing 2
sexuality lab sharing 3
sexuality lab sharing 4
sergei 2
sergei 3
sergei 1
sergei 4
sergei 5
sergei 7
sergei 8
sergei 6

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