IDOCs » Questions which arrised during the MTD Residency BODIES AS REALITIES AND REALITIES AS BODIES -
During the 3 days of our residency we created questions from our writings, embodyments and dancings.

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Do things make sense without story?

How do I physically react in a state of shock?

How do I physically react confronted with violence?

How do I physically react to the power of joy?

What do my ancesters tell me through my bones?

If words shape the air within and in the space around us, what could be a dance with and through this shapes?

Are we still part of the texture of the supernova?

Maybe 80% of intention and engergy is enough when I do things; - maybe even 60%.

Is the monument the black hole of the time?

Is destruction the nature of human beeing? - is there something like the human nature?

Could we become less human?

Can we become free of preconcepts?

Can we be mainly true to the affect - rather than a concept?

What does the other side tell us?

Can we reinscribe sensations?

What does mediocrity mean? Mediocrity as the real greatness?

What is the space between? The real space? The timelessness? The sensed space? The sensed relation? The real relating? The real sharing? The no-thing / every-thing, no-body / every-body.....?

What do we perceive when the focus blurs and we try to grasp that which is at the edges?


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