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IDOCs » poem written after attending sharing teaching residency NO.2 'The choreography of documenation'
refers to the moon – practice two groups in the two halves of the space, each group is divided again into a performing group and a audience group, the two audience groups are sitting back to back, the 2 performing groups are facing each other. After the the performance we write: 1. about what we saw (audience) or experienced (performer), just the facts / what actually happened 2. than association / interpretation 3. editing- phase (take out what’s interesting or of use and write again Unfortunately we didn’t get to do the 3ed phase. The suggestion was to do that afterwards in the form of a poem. Well here it is:

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Carla smiles

eyes speaking

the space opens

a still life of fan-movements

two small girls enter the room

the younger one approaches the dance floor

the yellow floor – vanilla seems to stop her

she looks for mami

the older one calls her to leave

mami is not here

the small blond dancer in the cobra-position turns around and smiles

the space is closing the moment the girls close the door

Carla doesn’t want someone to play with her hair

but than – joy

eyes wide open – speaking eyes – Carla’s eyes

chapter 2

lifts and fans and fans and lifts

Eszter flies

spectacular drops

lots of shapes

the two blond ladies start a duet

abandon it

could have been the start of chapter 3


enter a space and start


up & down & stepping sideward

down - beating the floor – fists


floating, carrying, dragging

that was the curtain – interruption

could have been the start of the next chapter  


yellow – mustard – close to my cheek

a gorilla

than a tiger

pass by pass by

a fragile structure carries me




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And here is mine:

Poem out of 10 words for “Choreography of Documentation” Moon – Practice
An exercise in motiv and variation

Interesting disturbance in purposeful languages
Attention is different in harmony or conflict
Form lies in the eye of the beholder

Form needs to be disturbed and attention paid to purpose
Harmonious languages are less interesting
Behold the conflict of differences.

Different purposes in disturbed harmony
Pay attention to the beholder!
interesting conflicts form languages


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