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INSTANCES is a series of speculative dance lectures published on Instagram TV. >> INSTANCES = INSTAGRAM DANCES

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This becoming series started as a response to Katie Vicker's invitation to join her in sharing dances on Instagram during the global pandmic. I've never used the Instagram TV (IGTV for short) service before. That the videos uploaded to the service (as far as I can understand) cannot be more than 15 minutes long made working with the format dynamic... and fun.

I usually press record as soon as I'm ready "to think" through something that "feels" relevant and then I "think" on record for a maximum of 15 mintues. 15 minutes is long enough to make a point but not long enough to get absolutely and completely distracted. (Small distractions>digressions are a necessary part of the process.)

I write "think" and "feel" to acknowledge the fact I use these terms interchangably. My practice is developed and developing around the prime directive, to develop strategies which make undoing of the mind-body split possible. In other words, what I am working on, always, is the integration of those practices that are deonimated by what in the west we're used to calling matters of the "body" and those practices that are denominated by what in the west we're used to calling matters of the "mind."

INSTANCES have since become an unexpected and a valuable opportunity to share some of the thoughts I've been working on within the framework of my pracitce, some references, some exercises.

I am currently working on transcribing the episodes and making the transcriptions available for those in need.


The series currently consists of the following chapters: 

1. katie's challenge i figured out how to post it

2. dancing in the west not western dancing

3. dancing thinking dancing talking dancing

4. on gravity and mass and insterstellar incl drama

5. that something is performative, part 1

6. intermission

7. that something is performative, part 2 on will and discomfort

8. that something is performative, part 3, on madness in civilisation

9. ––post please dancitation

10. cellular imagination, part 1 of 2 maybe 3

11. cellular imagination, part 2 of 2 maybe 3

12. moving in anticipation moving in observation

13. LETTERS TO PROCESS, a dreading

14. augmented reality

15. on experience, material surprise

16. dancing as research, part one

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