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IDOCs » Invitation: Pre-jam class pedagogy data collection
I am starting a project that is intended as a self reflection tool for the Contact Improvisation community at-large. I am seeking collaborators in the collection of (audio) recordings of pre-jam classes.

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Good Evening!

My name is Isa Leal and I am PhD student at UC Davis in the Performance Studies Program with a Designated Emphasis in Practice as Research.

I am currently working on a project looking at verbalized pedagogy used in pre-jam classes.This tends to be where people get introduced to CI for the first time and I thought making qualitative data that we can talk about together may prove useful.

I. The Basics

-Would you be interested in collecting audio of your pre-jam class(es) and uploading it to a Drop Box? 

-Would you be interested in asking teachers at your jam for their consent to record their class for anonymized data?

-Do you know someone who facilitates a jam or is a pre-jam teacher that might be interested in the project?

if so.........................

II. More Informatiom

The Data: Audio recordings will be sorted by category according to the patterns that emerge in our collective pedagogy ( specifically in this case...what is said). The teachers whose classes are recorded will be anonymized. I am looking at making an archive that will be coded and accessible to the community at-large.

What Happens to The Data?: I am interested in writing about and making qualitative data of these findings ( similarities, differences, strengths, gaps, national/international/regional comparisions) but I am also interested in presenting and reviewing the data with other teachers in a teacher's meeting or other large group setting.

click  PreJam Class Pedagogy Data Collection Invite to get involved 



Please feel free to send me any questions.

You can learn more about me at but if you are curious I have been committed to contact since 2005 and am a teacher myself.

Have a great day,


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