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The latest IDOCDE project REFLEX Europe has been selected and awarded to be in the top 5 projects out of the 500 Strategic Partnership Projects by the Austrian National Agency of Erasmus+ Education. IDOCDE co-founder and ambassador Defne Erdur, IDOCDE symposium coordinator Claire Blacke, IDOCDE Main Partner ImPulsTanz's Director Karl Regensburger and Artistic Director of Workshops & Research Rio Rutzinger were there to receive the award on the 3rd of December 2019. Here are some impressions from the ceremony through Defne's words and images of all.

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Almost 10 years ago we were in Vienna dreaming of IDOCDE. We received the EU funding to create this web platform that we are using now. The dream came true. We made the platform for documentation of contemporary dance teaching real via the partnerships of that EU project. IDOCDE.NET is in place! IDOCDE Symposiums are still going on, hosting hundreds of colleagues to come together and insipire and support each other. After IDOCDE, the following activities have been possible thanks to the following EU projects:

In 2014 the LEAP project took over — another round of EU success! We designed this 2 year vocational project for contemporary dance teachers in Europe, to exchange and discuss relevant practices in teaching methodologies. The project’s goal was to widen the range of teaching methods, approaches and support teachers to carry their work in different institutional and collaborative settings. 

We were, yes, crazy to have another go with Reflex Europe at the beginning of 2016! That was the most demanding, challenging, blood, sweat and tears of all for the IDOCDE project team! The Project Team had to have so many hats along side running the, curating the symposia. They were contributors to the digital publication, some were part of the editorial team, some had to run the project and create reports for the EU etc. Even due to budget and time cuts the team did not give up on the project and the partners showed immense support! And we survived! Honestly, this period proved that we really an amazing team! We managed to stay together since we managed to "stay with the trouble" on many levels.

And this very award that we received now is the confirmation of it all!!!

I, personally, would never have imagined I would be happy with an award. I always find competition and awardings weird and disturbing. But today! For me it really gave the closure to a very difficult period of our project life and my personal life when I had to leave my home country due to the military intervention attempt and what followed afterwards, when at the very same time I had to finalize my PhD in a rush and at that period I had to finalize the editing and proof reading of MINDTHEDANCE.COM! I survived! We survived! I know that many of the project members were also going through tough times in their personal lives and despite all we stayed together and engaged.

And we not only survived but also are now awarded, appreciated, acknowledged tonight!!!

Thank you my comrade Rio Rutzinger, sister Claire Granier and full on support Karl Regensburger — I felt so joyful together! Thanks to Karl's encouragement I was able to give a short version of my prize winning speech. Among all that German spoken it was gonna be the only international (German, Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian, Turkish, French and English talk... What to do?! This short stand up show version for the award we got (I share below) also fulfils the rejoicing together!

I am honoured to receive the award for the name of the incredible dream teams of IDOCDE — Kerstin Kussmaul, Martin Streit, Eszter Gál, Pavle Heidler, Oh Liv Olivia Schellander, Lieve De Pourcq, Dilek Üstünalan, Andreas Barth! And all our amazing partner institutions and all the incredible colleagues we worked with! It is THANKS TO ALL OF YOU -- friends who joined us and worked with us in these past years we are here today! I can not list you all here unfortunately but I can at least list the experts of Reflex Europe and the amazing outcome we created - the “MINDTHEDANCE.COM”.

Thank you Ulla Riikka Päivikkö, Bertha Bermudez, Friederike Lampert, Anouk Llaurens, Sabina Holzer, Andrea Keiz,Nicolas Hubert, John Wesley Taylor, Suzan Tunca, Barbara Meneses, Amir Avraham, Daria Kiseleva, Fred Cave, Elodie Bernard, Katharina Binder, Kerstin Evert, Tatiana Zebrune, Çimen Güldöker, Janka Vamos, Sanne Liebregts, Zoltan Nagy, Gabriele Parapatits, Aniko Racz, Marie Roche, Marianne Tournon, Mareike Uhl, Marieke van Bueren and so many others who joined us in the production and sharings in our IDOCDE symposiums during ImPulsTanz every summer for the past 7 years!

We made it! We made our work visible! Let’s move on! Let’s keep dancing, teaching dance, documenting our teaching and sharings... The world needs to learn more from us movers! As always, I (as the co-founder, ex editor and current ambassador of invite you with love, trust and joy:

“Make your work visible. It’s our legacy!”



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Gabriela Zuarez ( M.G.Coggiola) Eligible Member // Teacher
Beautiful thing! Congratulations Defne and all IDOCDE team.

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