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Extended Support For CI Dancers in & Beyond CI Meetings Think Tank Meeting initiated by Defne Erdur and Mario Blanco

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Yuriy Kuzin, Anastasia Bobrenkova, Ann Kiristin Holten, Liza Andreyeva, Daria Andreeva  joined Mario and Defne in ECITE. The group started to work together via compiling diaries (starting from their personal experiences). They plan to meet online and continue thinking and creating some scores or tool kit that may serve some support before, during and after CI events.

By the end of 2019 we will be updating here the online sharings and the work this group have been developing. Thank you for your interest and patience.

Below you can find the first sharing of Mario on this group and this idea that started to appear in ECITE 2019.


Mario Blanco

July 23 · 


ECITE 2019 Reflections

As usual the coming out of a community event, a process that we now decided to call "decompression", is full with the aftertaste of intense and beautiful events, relations, dances, and the beautiness of the presences met there.

May that be more intense in a CI event? 
Where, to the fact of living together we add a common focus, a constant state of movement, an intimate form of dance and deep personal processes? 
Some romance, strong disagreements, moments of brotherhood? 
At some point, almost by the end... the perception of synchronicity, as everything seems to unfold in a quasiperfect collective composition…?

It is such a big temptation to fall in the impossible challenge of trying to share that kind of abstract stuff. A temptation that might come as an escape to the loneliness which is born from knowing deep inside that indeed, my personal experience is only mine and cannot be shared. There's a gap in between us that can't be crossed. And the deeper the experience the wider the gap…

So better not to go into that. But to notice that in the experience itself, when I move in a tuned connection with another body (physical, emotional, collective, etc), something seems to be truly shared… 
Not like the gap is closed, or narrowed, such an illusion... How could it be so?

Rather than that, as if we walk to the edge of that gap, for once there reach to the other side, extending all of our tissues, as much as we can, and even more. On the illusion that maybe if we reach far enough, our fingers will touch in the middle, and we'll be together…

And in that heroic and tragic attempt, we might take a small part of our attention out of the gap, and look to the other side, just for a moment, and find over there the eyes of another human being, who is also reaching out to us, and at that precise moment, looking at our eyes… and in that eye gaze realise that our souls are already touching each other… Nothing else to be done, but to live the joy.

At least, that is my illusion, which is good enough, which is so good…

So, how to describe what happened on such dimensions, how I felt, the beautiness, the overwhelming intensity, etc…?
If you have some kind of voyeuristic interest, in knowing how do I/we/they feel, when dancing, when sharing, when being in human intimacy, then come to dance with us, bring your body, and experience for yourself. And then you tell us!

I hope my soul hugs can reach out, cross the gap, and get to you. Wherever you are.


Thank you Сергей Семичев for the images, and for the dances. I love you ??

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