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IDOCs » Individual Research Questions - ECITE 2019
This is the list of individual questions that ECITE 2019 Participants started the meeting with. They were collected on a big piece of paper and revisited during the week. Defne Erdur typed them as the participants were sharing their questions out loud in the morning of the first day.

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Initial Individual Questions:

  • How do I deal with emotions during a class? juan
  • How do I bring people into a state of dance - awakening?
  • In teaching how to create an atmosphere that creates playfullness?
  • When I teach, if someone is triggering me, how do I deal with it?
  • How to arrive into a zone where technical things are happening organically?
  • How can I practice de-prioritizing in order to allow the conditions to reveal the priority?
  • How can I support fascia communication?
  • Fascia release, softness in the dance, consent - how do we teach these?
  • How to make process for beginners clear?
  • How to make processes for beginners clear and light way to let them understand their boundaries, intimacy, sexuality and sensuality?
  • How do I dance only from the truth of my heart?
  • How to teach my body some technical things in a way not to loose the meeting with a partner?
  • How can I teach from my dance? What is my way as a teacher?
  • How to maintain the freshness of every moment in the dancing field and moments?
  • How to stay focused without getting mentally rigid and how to teach it?
  • How to loose my dance, myself in a CI dance? How to be in the dance as a channel for my personal development?
  • Where is my own dance when dancing with partner, except of reacting to impulses?
  • What exactly am I practicing when I am dancing CI and teaching from that; dance technique, social skills, somatics, developing sensitivity… Separate it or integrate it?
  • Where does my responsibility begin and end as a teacher? How do I keep my boundaries as a teacher?
  • How can we put more light and give more space to the shadow of CI?
  • How to balance the ritual (silence in space etc) and foolishness (fun and play)?
  • How to create and maintain a field that is embodied and playful based on a general yes with sensitivity to no and power to change and revive through awareness
  • What is a CI jam about? What is allowed, what is not allowed? What is an optimum space to dance CI?
  • What is the difference and connection between body, visual and verbal language?
  • How to support and frame a space with surprise, safety and balance in between?
  • How to keep the fire of CI?
  • How can I stay in the not knowing despite my need to define what Contact Improvisation is?
  • Can CI answer all these questions?
  • Inside and outside of my body?
  • Where is the source of lonliness in CI and how it comes in festivals?
  • How can I, as a facilitator, festival organizer, support the openness of the community?
  • How to create open space for people to experience CI freely?
  • Where does the concept of dance end and concept of sensual interaction start? What is the difference between sensual touch and contact touch?
  • Creating some kind of art between me and my partner - how can I create space for this image to happen?
  • How am I recreating the image of myself in sense of perception of my soma? Do I need tension in order to shape the “image of myself”? How am I recreating the image of myself?
  • How can we open contact to new movement and flight patterns without loosing the essence of flow, softness, spontaneity, safety and effortlessness.
  • How can we explore the shadow of the role of the CI teacher and shadows about the space? How to cope with the feeling that I have to be appropriate at all times?
  • What makes me feel good?
  • How do I take care of myself?
  • How do I continue to move in CI with injury and pain?
  • How can I put my question in a small statement?
  • How can I be open and keep my boundaries and cross others boundaries? Comfort zone?
  • How to enter a zone where inside and outside of impulses are harmonically dancing?
  • How interest appears? Interest to dance to reach? Curiosity or absense of curiosity?
  • How to invite my imperfection, my weakness, my mental rigidity, my doubts, fear and misunderstanding into my dance, into my life? How to legalize myself?


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