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IDOCs » ECITE - Past, Present, Future : Meeting Notes
These are notes taken during the ECITE 2019 meeting by Defne Erdur on the discussions and sharings about the past, present and future of ECITE. They are very quickly written notes that are not in composition. They follow the order of talk during the meeting. By the end of November 2019 - we hope to edit this file.

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ECITE - Past, Present, Future 

Current Organizers share some information about their experience of currently hosting ECITE in Ukraine.

Ali can talk about his vision for the Bristol ECITE next year…

Who might host in 2 years - discussions of past of ECITE, experiences, visions.


KATYA — About the budget —most challenging thing to count the budget. 

ALEX — known principles, list of rules that you followed?

KATYA — I got this 2 years ago in Italy. It was not obvious it was “ a decision” — there is no other procedure. It was accepted! I did not have time to think. It was a final decision. I did not have a plan yet. But in time it took shape.

The only thing was passed to me was that actually did not work.

Than I had some ideas — my preconceptions, from talks with old organizers.


min 3 dancing spaces

some facilitation mechanism

good life conditions

good food

accomodating people not more than 3


there was noting passed to me. no package of knowledge. documents. it did not have any guidelines.

it was a lot of improvisation. 


no one Ukraine was in ECITE, Inna, Yuriy and me.  Experiences from 


Tommy helped emotionally (from previous ECITE) and asked few questions to the Italian team. 

Very late, Colleen Bartley.



There was no clear structure to pass on the information and know how. Katya had to pursue it.


The process of organisation was difficult to find a team, since they have a festival in May. Volunteers did all the job.


There was a big challenge to finding the place. Future organizer might think about the legality of the financial structures in the host country (tax, insurence etc.) 


Accomodation and the neighbours and owners, institutions are important — the boundaries and keeping the container safe in regards to the people who own/run the space having claims over things.




Income 10.000 euros

Expanse 9.220 euros

780 euros income — 3 stage possibility to pay (from the people who paid more).

Income does not pass on to the next ECITE.


Price for Ukranian were less.

Rent the lynolium floor

Car expanses for transportation

Paid musicians

Paid facilitators




Organizers create a container for the event

For me it was not enough the two of us. Volunteers come late, they are not experienced. We need to support the team. I analysed the teachers meetings I attended and I was satisfied with facilitation. They help the team to keep the container, hold, support, be present with the attention.




100 Euro to be paid to the website.


Who is the admin of ECITE?




I did not meet documentation as a thing in ECITE.

There are not many ways to pass the knowledge generally. CQ and ECITE are different things. 

How to pass on the 

CQ can also link the ECITE to journals. 

Filming in Sergei — bring it to a new age… not only old school. This year its going to another level. 

I know Defne from other projects and 



Faciliation team integrated me into preperation.

Failed to give a lab/workshop etc. but at least attention was hightened. Written is still important (old fashioned) My report will be what I take, subjective, will try to integrate as much as possible.

proposition for future - documentation team. maybe a workshop with Defne before.


ORGANIZATION continued : 

KATYA — ECITE organization is different than organizing other CI events in terms of resources and details that need to be taken care of. Good to organize with people who’ve been to ECITE before.




KAISA — Is there an idea about amount of people. Min? Max? 

KATYA — Frederike : Several times 60. But it depands on the local conditions. Every ECITE is new. Application process, facilitators, how many people…

There is a tradition typically 40 + — if less “dissapointing” esp in terms of finances.

In the last 6 years it was less people.

KAYTA— procedure to apply to ECITE? Before ex. 2012 Switzerland: it was 10 years experiences, 2 references from teachers. 70 people were in the waiting list.


This year it was based on motivation and experience. We declined 2 people who did not have experience. 

For me ECITE is changing.


To check in what ECITE is?





ALi :  Going to be in England - Bedford (easy from London). Possibly in a university premises. Can be cheap. Team meets and dance and decisions to come up while dancing.


Team of 6 people. Caroline (organized one in UK and last year in Brussels). 

Motivation to host in UK in 2020 is slightly a reaction to the difficult situation that UK is trying to leave Europe. Have a counter voice in the dance community.

We will try to make it cheap.


Last year it was June. Was not very good.

In the past in Greece April - 15 people were there.


Anna Christien — what is a cheap ECITE what is expansive. 350 is an avarage. 

Nica — It is not a festival. More than 350 not work for me.


DEFNE — What is your vision in the ECITE?

Ali — bring older generation and have cross polonation. 

Some interest around, relationship of CI and what is happening in the world now. Body ecology. How we run radical democracy - to invite all these ideas. Structure and friend enough to do that easily. 

We will post on facebook.


DEFNE — ECITE facebook platform is the only platform that threads the information around ECITE? There is documentation on the individual websites. 



— not for everybody. 


CQ newsletter — impressions from the ECITE can be sent there.


DEFNE — For what is ECITE? article… what was your expectations, what happenned, what could develop. and turn it into a reflective article. Frederike, Anestesia help to finalize. 



Alex — how was the preperation and vision of fac


ARYE — help the organizers, be there, graceful anarchy. Contact Teaching, there is a point that the teacher is not necessary. I love this place to be unnecessary. 


ANJA — I am learning a lot. Curious and honoured. Not met Arye before. Did not know Defne would be part of the team. It feels clear to me the invitation and the need from the organization team. I take it seriously to support. It feels unclear to me if facilitation 


What is the debth of the engagement?

How might facilitators can have clearer information from the people.

I was suprised by how much resistence there was. 

I have not been ECITE but have been in many teacher exchanges.

My job was harder than it needs to be.


ARYE — it s asking a lot. becuase it is not defined. we are inventing ourselves as a team along the way. we meet resistence. I am happy with resistence.


ANJA — yes and we do not have to create more suffering 

imagining visioning… what do we want?


ARYE — CI Community Investigation — CI is more than a duet form now, more than a social dance, maybe and experiment/experience of community. Its chaotic, its confusing… 





FREDERIKE — most productive ECITE was Hungary — Eszter Gal and Peter Pleyer — they decieed to facilitate. I personally like to have set boundaries where there is no boundaries. like schedule. Every ECITE team should be free to experiment on that. Last year in Belgium there was not facilitation….


NOA — I would be happy to make one. To do the work on it I wonder if its worth it. Any one who would not wish to go to Israel? 



ALİ: In Brussels, I realized how fragile it may be… If we don’t hold it, it is fragile. Any inclination?

KATYA: Be courageous. it is the funnies trip. It really contributes a lot to our work. 


MARIO— International organization, to host it in a place there is not much community. There is a place. Not so difficult. I know the community there. German organizers organize a Portugese CI.  

KATYA — it is a bit tricky. Local community hosting.

What I feel ECITE is changing and we need to addapt to it. If international… 

ARYE — It was in Estonia — international organizers, and one teacher.

DAN — how much it costs, people can easily arrive, cost to the planet. it needs to move around — so that some regions can reach easier.


Clear Proposal : Mario and Nica to do it in Portugal

Clear Desire : Anna Belle- to do it in Spain. I need to check.




Announcements  Defne—

VIDEO documentation talk …

IDOCDE website

IDOCDE symposium



Anja — Historical timeline…Resources CI

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