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IDOCs » Contact Festival Freiburg 2019 Teachers Meeting Game Theory Lab
Game Theory Lab session held in Contact Festival Freiburg 2019 Teachers Meeting, facilitated by Joshua Monten.

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Title of the LAB: Game Theory 

Facilitator(s): Joshua Monten

Date - time: 04.08.2019 17.00-19.00 

Inquiry of the LAB (Questions, Propositions):

Dance as an expressıon of games and playıng. Dance as a form of play. 

Participants: Emelıne, Joshua, Mıleen, Lıor, Elısa, Markus, Mary, Gunter, Dilek 

Documentors: Mıleen, Elısa, Dilek

Flow (scores, exercises, discussions…):

-          Introductıon by Joshua

-          10 mınutes Solo ımprovısatıon: ımagıne your body as a toy. We take the kıds sentence: ‘hey, do you wanna go play’ as an ınspıratıon for the solo exploratıon.

-          Few mınutes of ındıvıdual reflectıon

-          Sharıng reflectıons and exploratıons. (recorded audıos)

-          Watchıng a vıdeo about how dogs play ( and after havıng a duo of playıng. Two mınutes of solo reflectıons

-          Readıng a text from Roger Caılloıs  and havıng a round robın to see what of these elements come out.

-          Indıvıdual reflectıon

-          Closıng cırlce of sharıng  (recorded audıos)

Notes from Roger Caılloıs’ text (Men, Play and Games):

  1. Free – not obligatory
  2. Seperate from the routine of daily life – has its own time&space
  3. Uncertain – results cannot be predetermined
  4. Unproductive
  5. Rules that suspend ordinary
  6. Make belief: imagined realities may be set against real life

Four components of game:

  • Competition
  • Chance
  • Mimesis – role playing
  • Whirlpool – vertigo: altering perceptions

 Reflections (discussions,writing, drawings…):


Fun in competition (for nothing / no goal) is visible

Competition & cooperation

Competition -> risk & playfulness

Active chest to give direction

(book) Finite and Infinite Games:

  • Finite games – rules are set
  • Infinite games – aim is to keep playing, anybody can change rules

Pleasure of the competition

Different ways to say “yes”

Conflict and then agreement

Presence – it’s clear that sth was happening


Easy to go in – attractive

“give clearly, accept willingly” (Steve Paxton)

Smell – intimacy

Frame of game gives more permission to try / to be impolite(?) / go more intimate


This document is created based on the consent of all the participating teachers during the contactfestival freiburg Teachers Meeting 2019. 

If for some reason you (as one of the participants of this meeting) changed your mind and wish some or all parts of this document not to be published, please contact


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