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IDOCs » My glossary of personal terminology
A personal glossary created during Mind The dance residence in Vienna, July 2018, inspired by "Glossary of personal Terminology" by Bertha Bermudez Pascual / Mind The Dance publication

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Silvia Marchig:

Relationship - the energy between us, the motor for working and for living, shared space, with no belonging or ownership

Experience - the direct effect of an action or a situation, how it feels, what thoughts it brings into wave, how it stays in the body

Common denominator - finding common ground in a relationship, from where on we can start to articulate the content, the border that frames the space we are consent about.

Sensorial - experienced through senses

Haptic - a new term introduced to me by Sasha Kleinplatz, “the touch of the undercommons, the interiority of sentiment,” - Fred Moten and Stefano Harney, quoted in Other Sensualities by Rizvana Bradley.

Affect - an emotional reaction or experience in and from a performative situation

Present - existing or occuring here and now

Presence - the awareness of myself in the here and now

Embodiment - giving body to a thought, idea, abstract form, object of imagination

Gosia Gajdemska:

body awerness -  the ability to receive and understand information from the body and through the body, a physical self-reflection

extended perception - including - beyond our senses - also aspects such prioproception, intuition, ability to predict something beyond logic 

shifting attention - consciously observe how your attention is travelling, broadening/narrowing attention, expand it, layering it

find your place in relation to... - an act of locating itself in the enviroment, taking into account physical distance, physical presence of someone or something, objects, colors, scents, sound, emotional attitude, atmosphere

naming the experience/process - give a personal meaning to it, in a short/quickly memorable and recognizable form

giving personal value to the movement/experience/process - add to it another layer or more layers in the form of quality of movement, emotions, impressions, memories

follow your anatomy - treat the anatomy, the purely physical possibilities of your body as a guide in movement, exploration of...

release your intention/focus - be aware of your intention/focus and keep it, but at the same time be ready for changes in unexpected directions

Andrea Keiz

Perspective – the position I take in relation to a subject I look at. Perspective on something can be taken physical as well as philosophical.

framing – Deciding on parameter how I want to look at something. Frame can be a technical term like the edge of the picture I take, as well as the conditions and research question I define in order to look at something.

Perception – my ability to use all my accessible senses to perceive information.This is including my social political training to be aware of situations that might not clearly relate to the eyes, the ears, the skin, the smell or the taste.

sensorial awareness – to use the capacity of the body as a door opener for adventure and excitement in what ever we research on

focus –  A detail I choose to exam deeper, to sharpen the picture around one central point.

zoom – to go closer in order to see details and discover new perspectives.

Sasha Kleinplatz

Ethics-the set of values, agreements, transmissions, and transparencies established as a foundation for relating in any given situation/relational action/space

Laws-the structues and systems that participants have agreed are part of a work, and the structures and systems which are NOT part of a work

Energy-the furry sensations which are not necessarily quanitfiable or proveable, but which nonetheless exist as a phenomena in space and the body, also see Haptic

The Remainder/Overflow-all the things that happen or take up space that have not been named, intentionally created, or take time to understand after the fact.  They are very much present but take time to be seen or understood

Justice-a thing I hope to install in any working process, it includes attempts/failures at equity, and inclusivity, and a sense of consequence

Haptic-see the writing of Fred Moten and Rizvana Bradley among others, it is worth checking out, "the soft nougat at the centre of a movement"

Romance-the bodily sensation of being swept up by a performance you see/hear/experience in such a way that you suddenly have the feeling of belief, if only momentarily (or longer)




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