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IDOCs » Revisting the first day of MIND THE DANCE LAB VIENNA
To start the second day in the MIND THE DANCE LAB Sabina Holzer did a guided memory to reconnect to the shared experience of the first day.

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Guided memory from the first day:
Find a place and a comforting position or a way of moving. You can also walk through space.
Just notice how you are doing today: how is your mind-self: your emotions, sensations and thoughts? How is you
body-self? And all the other selves, relating to space and time, and the ones which are there with you.
Just do, what you need to be present, to arrive in the space here, leave, what you don't need,
so that you can be here fully.

Let's just revisit together, what we have been doing yesterday and some thoughts which were circulating.
I want to invite to listen, either in stillness or in movement. It is just a way to tune in and connect
to a memory and thought process not in a purely upright, vertical position. Let's once more trust that you
connect and remember, what is important, so you don't have to write things down.
We create a field of knowlegde together here.

We were looking at the MIND THE DANCE publication together. There were 4 different sections:
"towards documentation", "weaving the formal in informal", "coaching", "on artistic practise",
"writing, moving and the body". Which of these terms are interesting for you? Have there been
any contribution you got especially interested in, you looked or maybe looked up again.
Where there things, you are were not interested in ?

Then, there was the Breathing Archive, which was conducted by Anouk.
We created two circles and papers of the printed MIND THE DANCE script, was in each group to work with.
We related to the notion of the breath. The concentration and expansion of the breathing.
We were invited to relate to our cells, to our movements, to discover the space with our hands
and to crumble the paper and unfold it. As the breath is doing it with our inner landscape. The eyes were
closed for a while and then opened. How was this shift? Are your eyes now open or closed?
Maybe you want to try the opposite for a moment. Then some reading was happening. Of this folded
and unfolded papers. Sometimes the whole text, sometimes just fragments and words and paper became
travel devices into dialogues, poems and games of different kinds.

We spent some time looking at the landscape we created together. Then there was the pause. What did you do?
Was it nice? And how was it to come back to the space?

For the afternoon you were invited to engage in your documenation practice in relation
to the experience of the Breathing Archive. How did you spend these 60 minutes? What did
you discover and learn of yourself ? Then we shared what we were doing asking each other: what did
you do in the last 60 minutes? What inspired you during this session?

We looked at some documents and then made small groups to start exchanging our experience
and thoughts around documentation.

Some of these thoughts: What is documentation? What is it for you? Which are your criteria?
Does a document need to be objective? What does objective mean? If we consider ourselfs as subjects,
why do we want to create things, which are objective? Is this possible. If so in relation to which kind of objectif?
How would we document as objects?
What is experience? Impression?
What kind of systematic orders and methods are close to you in order to deconstruct an experience or impressions?
If we create traces, which we retrace - what is the negative, the surrounding, the imprint (Abdruck), the impression
How can one provide information and make it dynamic?
When are we saying: this is a document of.....


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