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fresh ideas to lighten up your balancing practice :)

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Let's try to make it easier to ourselves.

Progression in hand balancing can be frustrating process; sole standing on your hands involves some factors that you cannot control totally.
For example - you're practicing outside; what is the surface like? Flat? Uneven? Soft? Hard? Slippery? Grass? Concrete? Elevated?
Is the wind blowing? Is it cold? Hot? Low pressure?
Do you have audience? Is camera on?
What about the music? Noise? Traffic? People talking?
How do you overcome distractions? What works for you?
I found out that I put much more effort in my training if I have audience; I also like to train on different surfaces - it teaches me a lot. Even with different modes of balancing (walking on the edge or on narrow surface - elevated or not; slacklining; standing on one foot etc)

Some of the parameters you should consider and think about after the practice:
- What about the last night? Enough sleep? Had sex?
- Last day training regime?
- What did you eat?
- Is your belly full or empty?
- Are you totally "in" or are you thinking about something else?
- Are you listening to your heartbeat? What does it tell you?
- What about the breathing?

If you keep the log of your training routines AND of this small details, you will find the way to be more effective and to progress faster.
Experiment. Play. Embrace the frustration - don't give up. Each of us is different; not everything that works for me will work for you.
Put bars. Tasks. Missions. One of the tasks that worked for me was a little game that I played - I call it 1 to 100. The task is to count while in handstand position. Start with one, and keep counting. When you lose balance, stop counting. Next time you go to handstand position, you continue the count. For example - you lost balance on 18, so when you start counting again, you start from 18. Till you get to 100. You can put this play in your regular training (I did it after or before, sometimes even in the middle of my classes - regardless of the type - on my stunt training, capoeira, contemporary dance, fluid balance classes - you name it  )
With time, you will increase the number (nowadays I do 1000) and you will add some fun to it (different types of holds, under 10 you don't add to total, one arm handstand etc.). Really nice game to keep you motivated 

If you want to find out more and try some new ideas and approaches, join us on our next workshop!
This month you have the chance to explore and progress in hand balancing and partner acrobatics:

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Registrations via e-mail.

Thank you for your time 


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