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Mini-étude about how a video delineating a drawing becomes a score for a new dance interpretation. Dance transfers its sensations and feelings in time and space through documentation: from dance to paper, to video and back to dance and video again.

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The Turkey
turkey live


Iñaki's notes 

2012                         During the Idocde LW meeting in Budapest...

Tamás Bakó proposes us an improvisation exercise with the assignment of meeting and sensing. Towards the end of the session Heléna Hrotkó and me become conscious of each other, approaching and sensing the edges of our encounter hesitating if going towards each other, vacillating, oscillating, quivering.


With the still fresh sensations in the memory we translated the impressions of the dance into a drawing and immediately recorded it on video recalling the experience by using our voices.


In 2020 at the dance school Performact in Torres Vedras/Portugal I let watch that 2012 video recording to the dancers Anna Disse and Romain Lutinier who created and performed a new dance sequence inspired by it.

The 2012 Budapest (low quality) recording still captured the emotion and sensation of the first dance and turned now into a score from which the dancers recreated the new interpretation closing a circle of the first ephemeral event that has traversed through diverse medias (dance, paper, video and back to dance and video again) and travelled on time and space to reappear in 2020 in Portugal.

In this case, the dance-score served as inspiration source rather than being a transmitter of shapes.

Only Heléna and me might remember the original dance and have judgement to compare with the new interpretation (and God knows if it was physically relevant for any other witness…). 

The experience served me to rethink the idea of a score as media, shape, function…



The 2020 version (turkey life) cannot be played directly on the Idoc but can be downloaded for viewing it.

The Turkey
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