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IDOCs » [FFTD] What happened to the knowledge documented & stored in alexandria?
Could that be possible that we lost those informations, those knowledge produced by thousands of people in time? Where else were those knowledge stored? In bodies? What about our bodies? Where are our "knowledge" documented and stored as the understanding and execution of documentation is changing very fast today = "Information science is that discipline that investigates the properties and behavior of information, the forces governing the flow of information, and the means of processing information for optimum accessibility and usability. It is concerned with that body of knowledge relating to the origination, collection, organization, storage, retrieval, interpretation, transmission, transformation, and utilization of information. This includes the investigation of information representations in both natural and artificial systems, the use of codes for efficient message transmission, and the study of information processing devices and techniques such as computers and their programming systems. It is an interdisciplinary science derived from and related to such fields as mathematics, logic, linguistics, psychology, computer technology, operations research, the graphic arts, communications, library science, management, and other similar fields. It has both a pure science component, which inquires into the subject without regard to its application, and an applied science component, which develops services and products." (Borko, 1968, p.3) Where do we go from here? photo credits:

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