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Started by Pavle Heidler (Co-Editor) // Admin
last update: 2018.07.14
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Pavle Heidler (Co-Editor) // Admin

Are you’re thinking of coming to Vienna this summer?

Entering this Lottery could win you free access to the 2017 IDOCDE Symposium: YOU ARE HERE!

To enter The Lottery, please answer the following question in comments below:

What do you expect from this year’s IDOCDE Symposium?

(recommended length of answer: short, between 3 and 99 words)

Entrance must be completed before noon of July 16th, 2017.

Three winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

Good luck!

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Veronika Mayerboeck // Teacher
I currently research on visual perception and movement in art perception. I lost my passion for physical movement after 10 years of intense dancing in 2014, it slowly started to break apart after my Danceweb in 2012. It left me floating into spoken words, acting and lecture performance. Meanwhile it's completely gone since almost 4 years but I realize I never stopped dancing in the way I think. Last week I bought a dancepant out of the blue. And now I am here on lottery. I am curious and keen on discourse more then taking workshops in dancing.

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Andrew Wood // Teacher
Here's my submission:

What do you expect from this year’s IDOCDE Symposium?

I follow the unknown. Hence, I will find the unknown.

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Juli Gabor // Teacher
Meetings in dance, finding and defining ideas for teaching and documenting teaching. Inspire and be inspired.

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