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Started by Amir Safari // Admin
last update: 2017.08.24
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Amir Safari // Admin
Simple, Free FLV converter for mac (Link)

If you still had no luck with Video encoders to encode your videos to FLV for the IDOCDE player, you may give this little mac freeware a try:

I just encoded a few videos with it and am happy with the results. Of course there are more sophisticated sharewares such as Adobe Media Encoder (my favourite), but for a freeware, Swift Converter does a good job.

I will try to make a tutorial video, but for now please refer to these hints if you need:

1) After you dragged a video into the software, click on the Settings icon (gear wheel)

2) On the "Format" menu (top left) pick "FLV"

3) Pick the resolution according to the source quality of your video. If it is really a high res video which is worth being seen in HD, then pick the highest resolution (1280*720). But if you are planning to make the video longer, then pick a lower resolution, such as 480*272.

4) Set the frame rate to 24. (you may set this to 30, if you are from an NTSC country - Japan or USA - and you are sure that your camera records in NTSC format, 30 frames per second. But otherwise set it to 24, which is the closest option of this software, to the European PAL standard (25 frames per sec.)

5) IMPORTANT: click on "CUSTOM" bitrate and make a wise choice. The lower the number, the more thankful your visitors will be, as you reduce their loading time, but you also lose quality. Pick a number between 512 (low definition) and 2000 (high definition) and check the file size of the encoded file. Make sure you remain under 200 MBs, as this is our upload limit. Please consider cutting your video to multiple parts, if it is longer than 10 minutes, to make it easier for the users to load / watch them.

6) Don't go higher than 44100 Hz with audio. Consider lowering the audio bitrate (from 128 to 64) if your video does not contain much speech or music.

7) Press "done" to close the settings window. Choose the destination path and then the black "start" button on the bottom, to encode your video to FLV format.

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Kerstin Kussmaul Eligible Member // Teacher
hi amir!
this is already a helpful manual i think. just as an additional information: an easier way to convert videos is to do it online by
you just post the video on the website and receive the conversion some minutes later in your email. the free version is constricted to 100mb per file. and you can't play around with the setting - which means it is extremely easy to handle, but there is no influence on the quality of the video.

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Amir Safari // Admin
Actually I would encourage everybody to always adjust the settings manually to get the best results. Besides, it is not rocket science. People who are smart enough to operate a camera and capture the video / transfer the files to the computer, should be also smart enough to custom encode their videos and assume responsibility for the choice of resolution... (One could decide to compress a video tighter, to be able to prolong the available duration - or to compress less to preserve the quality of an HD video)

But of course if a quick newbie solution is needed, zamzar is an alternative. :)

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Jack Gallagher Eligible Member // Teacher
Super cool and very helpful, Thanks Amir

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Sybrig Dokter Eligible Member // Teacher
I will check it out but could I also remark on that fav is on the way out and that the website maybe could adapt to that? The flu functions have been removed from Adobe media encoder and premiere. the apps will probably follow.

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