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Started by Lorna Sanders // Teacher
last update: 2013.07.25
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Lorna Sanders // Teacher
Teaching Qualifications within the Community Sector

In the UK I have been receiving a number of applications for a course which I deliver at Trinity Laban Conservatoire, which delivers a nationally recognised, new teaching qualification for the informal or community sectors. This teaching qualification was developed by a number of Dance Organisations in order to spread high quality teaching skills and to improve teaching in these sectors. This important sector needs to offer the highest possible quality to partipants - particularly during this time of economic pressures.

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Kerstin Kussmaul Eligible Member // Teacher
hi lorna!
can you tell more about this program- what are the parameters for the qualification? and how do you define the "community sector"?
thanks! kerstin

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Jan Burkhardt // Teacher
i think this is an interesting topic, since it raises certain questions for different needs and realities.
on the one hand side i understand the need for high quality "certification", on the other hand it can be tricky because once we put a label to something ( like a degree) or someone ( like a teacher) we risk to limit constantly developing knowledge to a standardized set box of knowledge.

i was shocked to hear that certification issues can go very far: someone told me that in a workshop participants where asked to NOT take notes and NOT use the exercises taught in the workshop in their own work because of copyright !!

don`t understand me wrong , i do see the benefit of qualifications and certifications, but i also wish for a balance between ´protected packages´ and ´open source information´.

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